Librem mini v2 & QUBES - I'm late to the show!

Pardon me if this has been answered. I haven’t been paying much attention to the mini but I really enjoyed the tear down video and a couple of things popped out.
I currently have a Lenovo x230 which I love, but its old. I run Qubes exclusively on it flawlessly. After hearing that the mini has mostly neutered the Intel ME it caught my attention, plus the ability to take 64gb ram.
Simple question. Is anybody running qubes on a mini?
If not, does anybody know its compatibility with qubes?

I apologise if this has been covered, but if anybody can help - thanks.

iirc @Kyle_Rankin mentioned somewhere that he is running cubes OS on Purism hardware. Not sure if Mini or Laptop(s).

We treat Qubes as a first-class citizen on our hardware and test it against each new iteration of Librem laptop and Librem Mini. I personally use Qubes on my Librem laptop and have for years. You can also list “Qubes” as your preferred OS when ordering our hardware and we will ship you a USB drive with the install image so you can install it. We don’t ship w/ it pre-installed because we’d have to modify the installer to allow you to change the disk encryption key at first boot.


Mini v1 works with Qubes 4.0.3 stable
Mini v2 works with Qubes 4.1.0-alpha1 (and newer)

The dom0 kernel for 4.0.3 stable is too old to support the hardware in the Mini v2 (and upcoming Librem 14)

edit: Mini v2 (and Librem 14) will also work with 4.0.4 (stable)


Thank you for the replies. Great to know.