Librem Mini v2 rattling noise

Hi all,

I purchased a Librem Mini v2 a little while ago, I figured it would be a good unit to run a Qubes os install

First thing I noticed is that the fan is kind of loud, it happens, no problem.
However, I’m now noticing a rattling sound has developed - its mild when not doing much however when the fan kicks in it gets quite loud so safe assumption its the fan?

In the first audio clip, you can hear the rattle begin when the fan speeds up (for comparison you can hear me clicking my mouse in the background).
Running rattle

Also, when I pick up the unit and gently move it forwards and backward’s I hear the rattle. You can hear this in the second audio clip.
Movement rattle

Has anyone else experienced this issue, if so what did you do?

Also, the Librem Mini v2 has not been dropped, bumped or roughly handled by me this sound just appeared.


Hmm… this does not sound normal. Can you please get in touch with support?


Hi Nicole,
Thanks for your reply - I have sent support an email at: