Librem Mini v2 SATA port multiplier possible?

Have been searching trying to determine if the SATA III or the M.2 ports on the Mini v2 could accept a SATA multiplier. Can anyone shed light on this?

Is port multiplication supported at all?
Has anyone used a RAID card in either slot?


I was wondering if there were a specific SATA multiplier you had in mind. I see one that expands M.2 storage to two SATAs, and one RAID controller for five SATAs. If using 2.5"+ drives, I wonder if you intend to squeeze the included SATA cable through the lid, or use a USB to SATA wire.

I was thinking of removing the board and using it in a custom NAS project. I saw this thread where @morgan built a custom fanless Mini. Was just thinking through what might be viable.

SATA port multiplication isn’t support by the Intel PCH SATA controller, so that isn’t possible on the Mini.

In theory it would be possible to put a PCIe SATA card on the M.2 2280 slot, however this does not appear to work on our firmware currently (just tried it using an M.2 to PCIe x4 adapter). This is probably something that could be addressed in firmware, but it would need a deeper dive to figure out.

OK, thank you, good to know. I’ll look elsewhere for openspec boards with disabled Intel ME and Coreboot for a home server/NAS.