Librem Not Refunding Customer-Read before ordering-Company Liquidity Issues

Refund was requested the day of the order 2.26.22, a guy named João Azevedo responds said he is reaching out to his Colleagues to cancel and refund. Months go by and I get the same thing. He states it can take awhile to refund. We are now to 5.4.22 no refund no responses. I email all corporate inboxes today asking for a refund and resolution. I reviewed their refund policy and I’m in full compliance since Joao stated the order was cancelled.

My fear when I ordered originally was that all their products were out of stock so long that they might be having liquidity issues at this point. I recommend not ordering whatsoever. I’m an analyst for a company and keep records of everything I do. I think there is a possibility they have used funds from orders on backorders to keep the company afloat.

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I had the same exact same issue. Was waiting on a refund for like a year and then they told me that it would probably take till November this year. So like 1.5-2years in total. I pointed them in the direction of EU law and Joao said he’d forward it to his colleagues. Nothing happened and I decided i’d rather get a laptop than nothing, so I had mine shipped. I am now stuck with a laptop that doesn’t charge anymore…

sucks to be you I guess