Librem "nuc"

i really like the small pc like the intel nuc, and i’d like to know if you will never build something like that but with more open component as u can

For a small desktop that uses an Intel CPU but is otherwise open, check out

If you want something that avoids Intel and proprietary firmware altogether, support this project:

See also:

thanks for the link
the first desktop seems not enough “mini” and is almost the same as the nuc (but more expensive), i can buy a nuc and install linux, doesnt seem to be alot of differences (maybe they put inside a libre bios?)

eoma68 seems really interesting, but i have some concern about the power, it seems some kind of raspberry pi, i have it, is nice but is not good for a normal daily use as internet and watch movies

should be interesting if arm is really opensource see purism crew switch on it, and have a fully open and libre devices

i revive this topic, because i’m interested on it
i know you are busy for the librem laptop orders, and then the librem phone (that i wait more than christmass), but i’d like to know if you are gonna make something like that (a mini pc as the intel nuc is) you should use the same chipset as you already use for the laptop, just changing the form factor, should also be easyer and cheaper because no monitor, keyboard and touchpad

any chance to have it in the future?


thanks for the reply, i will wait for it
i think it is a perfect prodouct for general purpose and mediacenter, you should just “repack” the librem laptop hardware inside a “nuc” form factor, or just buy the original intel nuc, deblob/coreboot it and resell it

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but we have other, more important things on our todo list right now, so it might take some time before we even consider this. All in all, keep an eye on our news blog.

The Raspberry Pi 3 improved a lot in that regard. Since the Purism crew is arguably busy with the laptops right now (happily awaiting my own Librem 13 :slight_smile: ) I could recommend checking out the Nextcloud Box.

While it’s mostly engineered to be your home server, it runs Ubuntu (with Nextcloud) and you can also install other things on it, add a monitor, mouse, keyboard etc. :slight_smile: It’s no Nuc but has a nice form-factor, price, and for certain use-cases it could be enough.

I just thought I would comment on this because I just got a nuc8i5BEK and immediately put the
pureos-8.0-gnome-live_20190210-amd64.hybrid.iso on there and everything is flawless… feels just like I am on my librem13v3. and uses the same i915 video driver etc.

I already had pureos on a couple other desktops but I wanted something lowpower that I could leave on and use for instant access without needing to dig my laptop out etc… note I have not checked if coreboot / disabling the intel management engine will be supported / possible but other than that this device seems fully supported out of the box

Net Nut.

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I’m guessing you’re not using wifi, since that would definitely require the Intel wifi firmware from the non-free repo.

coreboot supports the CoffeeLake SoC, but since it has Bootguard enabled, flashing it is a non-starter. Intel ME is CSE v12 (need to double check this), so not able to be disabled by ME Cleaner at this time.

There’s the Librebox as well - it would be really awesome, if Purism connects with Libretrend in this matter.

connects with?

While Purism will likely offer some sort of SFF box down the road, right now the best option IMO (for the DIYer anyway) is a Chromebox running upstream coreboot. You can get KBL-R/8th-gen i5-8250U for ~$500 and then add RAM/SSD/NVMe as desired and come out with something much more powerful for far less than the Librebox

Connects with in terms of having some kind of partnership in some way. There were a few threads here, asking for a device like this and in my opinion purism and libretrend have the same goal.

Is your chromebox available with a disabled ME like the librebox or the purism laptops? If yes, it would definitely be on my to buy list :slight_smile:

similar yes, so more naturally competitors than partners :wink:

well the Chromebox would obv come with Google’s custom coreboot-based firmware, and the ME would be enabled. you would need to flash it using an external programmer just a like a Thinkpad (eg) with an upstream build of coreboot and your choice of payload (and a disabled ME)

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