Librem One Blacklisted?

Email sent to support. This is for discussion only.

For a couple weeks, I’ve been getting email bounces from certain places. They take 5 days to bounce with a 4.4.1 “timed out”. But today I got a different bounce, that also took the same 5 days:

service 554-IP address is black listed. 554 For explanation visit  ...

Were prior bounces masking the nature of the black list by substituting the nebulous error of “timed out” ? And if they ARE black listing the IP address of, could it be just a doxing from a big tech player?

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I certainly have no idea, but with the removal of Parler, I did begin to wonder whether Librem One might begin experiencing issues from blacklisting, given the hands-off approach to moderation. I would hope something like email wouldn’t get completely blacklisted (if an bad actor uses a GMail account for spam or whatever else, it’s not like everyone with a GMail address get blacklisted), but the thought crossed my mind.

Alternatively, is there a risk of Librem One being “socially blacklisted”, where having a email or other account becomes a liability in some form? I certainly wouldn’t have thought so a few years ago, but now I am wondering.

I haven’t seen Purism or Librem One mentioned anywhere in regards to unsavory activity, but I do think there is an actual risk that Big Tech could just destroy the whole Librem One service by refusing to allow cross-communication

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Or it could be just a one-time report that got sent into spamhaus and snowballed.

Used to happen at my company a lot because cranky customers flagged our emailed invoices and sales order PDFs as spam. Techs had to make a call to black-listing services at least once a month to clear our name.

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Yeah, I don’t think Librem One is actually getting blacklisted at large at the moment, so your issue is probably some smaller problem. I just wonder whether there will be larger scale problems in the future

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I think the error message must be true, computers don’t lie.

Unless your saying “at large” vs. “at small” ?

(i.e. Radio announces don’t report traffic from the “lesser metropolitan area”.)

That shouldn’t be the case. The two errors should be unrelated.

You haven’t given us enough information to troubleshoot. That is understandable.

You should bring this directly to the attention of Purism.

Didn’t read the first line of this thread did you?

Addendum: Support said yes, there is a blacklist going on their IP range and the blacklisters are not responding. The solution is to change server providers.


Found a couple of sites for looking up blacklists.MXToolbox and dnsbl. is showing to have 2 hits on each site for UCEPROTECT 2 & 3 as possible spam. Don’t know how accurate the source is, but thought I’d share.


Depends what this means. If the destination mail host uses blacklist provider X and it is giving bad blacklisting results then the solution can be to suggest to the destination mail host that they use a different blacklist provider. That isn’t going to work with your,, … but it may work with a smaller mail host. It needs to be brought to their attention that mail is bouncing from their mail host bogusly.

Otherwise the sending mail host needs to send email from a different IP address (at least for email destined for a problem mail host). That doesn’t necessarily mean changing server providers. It can mean getting a changed or additional IP address.

If the culprits are not responding, as support said (and like my techs in a prior life had to do above monthly), then there’s nothing else support can do.

Like the old saying goes if you can’t get Mohammed to move the mountain, move the mountain to Mohammed.

I’ve seen this kind of rejection a lot. I think Hanlon’s razor applies: never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Where you can substitute incompetence, ignorance or laziness for stupidity.

I can’t send emails to any gmx account from my account. This started around chrismas 2020. Whenever I send an email, a few days later I get an error mail like this:

This is the mail system at host

I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

               The mail system host[] refused to talk to
me: (mxgmx101) Nemesis ESMTP Service not available 554-No SMTP
service 554-IP address is black listed. 554 For explanation visit

I already contacted the support. They told me, they will have a look at this.
Other than that, nothing happened till now.

It could be that they just block all DigitalOcean IP addresses since it’s relatively easy to set up a spam email server for free using the $100 free credits from GitHub Education.

Did you also notice, it took 5 days to bounce?

Welcome to the club.

Last week I was also setting up my ADP account to look at my payroll stubs. When it asked for an email, my cursor turned into the slashed circle “forbidden” symbol when hovering over the confirm button. When I entered a gmail address, it worked just fine.

Always have a second “back-up” email somewhere. There are those who for personal security reasons, put all their eggs in the basket. When the basket drops, you have no email. also has email blacklisted. support said it is the IP range, not the domain.

And this is supposed to be one of those “magic weekends” with where this gets fixed. So I guess the IP range will change.

On top of that, MX Toolbox is showing no DMARC published. :neutral_face:


That sucks. Hopefully it’s something Purism is looking into. I’m hoping to use to replace as my primary email… I know, I know, I’m a recovering Apple junkie :rofl::rofl:

No where in here do I see a single one of those IP addresses listed.
So I have no idea how many outgoing SMTP servers are currently being used by or what ISP is associated with them.

However, in the past an email was sent to me from using the IP address and the hostname

That IP address is in fact associated with DigitalOcean.
I have noticed a 100 fold increase in brute force attacks from DigitalOcean IP addresses over the last year or two. I dont know if they are trying to get some of the bulletproof hosting market or if they just have a lot of clients getting hacked by brute-forcing Bad Actors.

But Check this out.
The exact IP addrress associated with - - has an OK reputation.
But many of the IP addresses in the same class C block have monstrous reputations:

That is not purism’s doing. It may or may not be intentional on DigitalOceans part.
But mail and ssh servers that I am associated with are getting attacked by hosts on DigitalOcean servers all the time nowdays.
I started not only blocking email from some digitalocean IP addresses but entirely blocking their netblocks on the firewall.


Support did say they were making a fix this weekend.

They also said the fix would change the IP range.

Since this weekend is already three-fourths over and your reply is 30 minutes old by the time of this reply, your analysis may be very well behind the change.

Ergo, there was no blacklisting to detect.


Those links are not blacklist lists.
They are crowd sourced reports about the reputation of each IP.

My point was that the purism IP has not caused anyone to complain about it to abuseIPDB
But the Ip addresses in the same netblock are very naughty.
And my other point is that its likely that Email service providers are blocking Digital Ocean netblocks because they contain so many bad actors. It just so happens that is not known to be one of those bad actors at least for the users of abuse-IPDB,

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