Librem One bundle

Anybody else found setting this stuff difficult? I bought a family bundle and have had three sessions trying to set up other members. The problems encountered are similar. Being told that email addresses aren’t available only then to find out that the very email address that wasnt available appear in my account. Being told that the id for people I’m trying to invite to a room doesn’t exist and after continued trying it finds them. As I type I am trying to hook the last two people up. Librem One accounts successfully created but neither can log into Librem Chat. Pain in the arse. But email appears to be on the blink. My Librem account now won’t send email despite me using it successfully for more than a week and my two new people can’t set it up due to outgoing server problems.

It’s been a feat to encourage others to desert WhatsApp and Signal but this doesn’t help. I am well aware that things go down intermittently but some of these problems are consistent.

So we sit here now with the prospect of having to buggerise around with this blindly for who knows how long. I am tech savvy and no stranger to this so this is irritating. Anybody else?

And yes I have contacted support who really didn’t shed light. And I am still waiting now almost a week to get an answer to an account inquiry. All up not over the moon about mucking around with something that should be straight forward to set up.

What devices? Are you sure you have a constant internet connection? Do you have a adblocker like blockadia or something running? Weird. I plan to get librem one in a few weeks once i see reviews coming out for the librem 5, so i’ll see if i experience similar issues (since I’ll be using my android phone till my librem arrives).

My problems, yesterday at least, were on a moto g5 android mobile, a samsung s10 and a samsung tab A tablet. No ad blockers etc. In fact one of my friends signed up for a free account and connected immediately. This is a problem with the sign up process.

This morning I am still unable to send email either via tablet or laptop. I receive email but I get either a 'connection refused or ‘cannot contact outgoing server’ error. Both emails have been working perfectly for a week or two. Now this. It doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Now to navigate the support with Pure which has been an experience on its own.

I’m not sure if you have discovered this link. It took me a bit of digging to find it. It helped me set up my Librem One services on my devices.


Thanks for that. Yes, I have seen that guide. My issue is that I have three out of five family slots working (one yet to be activated) with another one that just wouldn’t accept password/username. I have email set up on three devices all of which worked seamlessly last week but I haven’t been able to send email from any since Saturday. Likewise we set up all of the other email accounts and they all have the same issue. All can receive none can send. The configuration are all ok.

I will put in a ticket today when my family return home after the weekend. I will then try and resolve this by distance which will be much more painful with some people far less tech savvy.

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@Brad Sorry to hear about this. Can you ping the support team with a link to this conversation for reference. We will probably follow up with some questions about the platforms you and your family are using. If you can separate each issue you are experiencing that would be helpful.

One point of confusion that we need to clear up is that you are not discoverable on Chat and Social until you log into that particular service for the first time. This is by design. You may not want to use every service, so we treat your first login as an “opt-in” signal.

Outgoing email obviously should not fail. We’ll follow up with troubleshooting steps.

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Thanks David
I sent a detailed email to support yesterday.

Thanks for replying.

And we are looking at it.