Librem One - Calender (is it on the roadmap?)

Dear All,

The Librem One services are a good start to be more aware in this digital era. The feature list looks promising: however I’m missing a (basic) feature on the list. I’ve searched around on the site, forum and mastadon for more info: no luck.

Can anyone tell me if there will be a calendar function in the Librem One suite? Or that this is an future update on the roadmap/wishlist/todo-list of Purism?

Kind regards,

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hi ! as far as i know there is or will be a callendar integration with next-cloud from the desktop on gnome 3. have you searched ytube ?

@reC: This I haven’t tried yet. It’s been a while tinkering with Linux: PureOS is running on an old laptop, but haven’t had the time to try it along that way.

But question came due to the fact it’s not on the future list. And I would like to use it also over the Web. Not only by NextCloud/GNOME, as at the office we can’t run Linux.