Librem One continued problems?

I promise this will be my last whinge about Librem. I have posted regularly about issues mainly with Librem chat which is my main use as Librem mail has never worked consistently. Now into its second year. I’ve given up on that part of the suite.

Librem chat has not worked really now for about three days. Are others experiencing this? I just to establish if this a “just me” thing or its more widespread.

I’m at the point now of uninstalling my Librem suite now having gotten my small band of Librem chat users onto Telegram because it allows use on multiple devices which is what made Librem chat good. I’m also trialling Session which looks promising.

I don’t want any lectures about promoting competition on this Purism board either. I’m paying for this suite and having been over this with support in the past with no solution I want to know if its just me, or others also have problems perhaps with a solution.

But as it stands now it looks like time may be up for Librem chat. I will say that the mail works flawlessly for my wife. Go figure.

Thank you to whoever nay take the time to reply.

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Librem Chat uses the Matrix protocol, so you can easily switch to That will preserve end-to-end encryption requirements, if you use them, whereas Telegram still uses proprietary server code.

Previously, used to be called Librem Chat was modeled after that name, which is why, from my understanding, the Matrix client Purism uses for Librem Chat is called Revolt.

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Sadly Matix itself, whether using Librem Chat or Element, is just slow and unreliable IMO. I’ve never tried to convert anyone until I can reliably validate new devices, scroll through backfeeds without the server disconnecting and waiting a bunch, get notifications, etc. Not sure when this criteria will be met :slight_smile:

I’ve never experienced trouble with the mail service but I do not use it as my primary. Sorry you are having issues with that!

Thanks for replying.

I’ve used Riot in the past and, yes, it had its issues from time to time. I’m needing a solution that appeals to “whatsapp” level users (no disrespect intended) and when it works Librem chat did this. I’m aware of the proprietary issues with Telegram but it may be ok for now. We’re just average users so state level secrecy isn’t needed. Its more me educating friends.

I don’t know how good Session may be or how featured it is but I’m going to muck around with that separately.

Librem Chat has definitely been having some issues over the past few days. In my case, it was really only just one or two days over the weekend, but I think I have caught sporadic, short-lived connection issues since then