how to change billing info or cancel

Hi, decided to sign up for and I know it is still very new, but I noticed that on the site there seems to be no way to change your billing info or to cancel your account. I think I jumped in a little early as it’s still lacking some of the features I signed up for. It seems like I’m locked in now with no way to cancel. Apologies if I’m missing something but it really seems like there should be an easy path to cancel or change billing info. You really shouldn’t launch anything without such basic features. If it exists at the very least it should be easier to find. Don’t see it anywhere on my account page or profile and nothing in the FAQ. Letting people give you money with no way to cancel is a pretty shit business practice and not what purism is ostensibly about iiuc.


From experience, I’d say you can always do those things via mail.
In general, I wish it was marketed more like a beta and kept the cool ad video and targeting the average Joe for the grand opening on independence day.
Would be sad if those justifiably disappointed would never come back.
I mean, it says it’s crowd funding, but also gives the impression everything is working well already.


Yeah it seems they really jumped the gun on getting it out there. Seems to me it would be better to crowdfund via donations, and not putting a site up that will take your money with no way to cancel. I don’t see any mention of “email support to change billing info or cancel”. That’s a basic feature your site should have from the beginning in my opinion. I really want to see purism succeed and I believe in their mission, but this launch has not been well executed.

You can always write to support. They’ll help.

@dustin.cannon We are working to introduce the features of changing billing and cancelling your Librem One account before the next billing period.

In the meantime, if you wish to do any of those things now, then please send an email to: with:

  • Your Librem One username (
  • Order number if you received one
  • And what you whish for us to do

As for the suggestions of adding more information in the current registration and profile page. We will forward it to the Librem One team.

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Thank you. I’ve not emailed support yet because I’m not ready to leave just yet. I am excited about these services and wish you guys the best. I just felt kinda obligated to point this out. This should be a day 1 feature. Please don’t be shitty like all the other companies and we will keep giving you money. :wink:

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