Librem One in limbo?

Anyone else have a Librem One account stuck in a “registration pending” state after completing payment? My card was indeed charged $7.99, so presumably the billing process was complete. (No response yet to several support emails.)

Happened to me a couple years ago when I started also.

If you made sure you went through all the registration motions, the acid test is whether your new email works or not.

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Thanks, @tracy. Following your suggestion, I tried not taking no for an answer, and ‘powered through’ with configuring Thunderbird. But I get a message fully consistent with an account whose “registration is pending”. Confirmation, at least.

I used port 587 on smtp and “Normal Password” if yours is any different.

My port on imap is 993 and SSL/TLS, also “Normal Password”.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe there is something that didn’t “take” during registration. Maybe it wants a different browser or a cleared cookie cache?

Other than that, then I’d ping the support folks. Using another email, (which is why keeping a gmail account is handy). Send to, they are a bunch of good guys. They won’t ignore you but any perceived delay is them scratching their heads.

Same for me, but with free account. Thus a slightly different message:


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Perceiving no response to a series of emails, including one 7 days ago requesting cancellation of my (paid) Librem One account, I have to conclude this is not yet a credible service. (I hope this does not bode ill for the Librem 14 I eagerly await this month!) Supporting a social purpose corporation necessarily involves holding them to some reasonable standard. I had been hoping Librem One would work for me, and that I could then get my family onboard, and am now glad I approached this stepwise. I suppose I can only check my statement next week, and if I see the recurring charge cancel it from the credit card side.

The standard we all are used to, is the standard of companies which are just not a social corporation, but which do have enough money from giving a shit about our privacy to maintain such standard. So please, give them some additional time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nevertheless more transparency about issues is urgently needed @joao.azevedo Be it just some information, about how many support request will need to be processed until mine will be worked on. Or recurrent information about open orders etc.

Sorry you are an unhappy customer. I had my own teething issues, but not everything works out for everybody.

We replied to every single of your email that you have sent to us, we haven’t got any reply back. Please fix your email inbox/service so that we can communicate, remove whatever spam/block filters you have for domain or use another email account. Thank you.

I’m sorry to learn you were having trouble getting thru; this was an Office365 account until I switched over to ProtonMail this past weekend. I did receive an email from Purism Sunday, in fact (i.e., after switching), re 2nd monthly Librem One payment. Would you kindly re-send those earlier emails, so that I can catch up with your side of the conversation?

@mladen ^^

@dcnorris please contact us from that other email (support @

My apologies! Digging into my not-yet-canceled O365 account via the browser, I see indeed your emails did go to a “Junk email” folder distinct from the “Junk” folder to which my Thunderbird client was subscribed. (All of the remaining ~60 emails in there truly were junk, mainly academic spam.)

By way of clarifying the ultimate origins of this problem, here’s the key point explained by @mladen in our email communications:

This address has already been used for your other account (shop account), hence it cannot be reused. I am sorry, this is a limitation with Librem One registration system. But if you have aliases on that domain, you could use one.

I had previously ordered a Librem 14, and had tried to use the same ‘shop account’ to order a Librem One subscription.