Librem One iOS/Android Apps

Awesome news! I subscribed without hesitating. In the play store you say: “Free and open-source software (FOSS)” but there is no link in the description and I can’t find a repo on your github. I’m curious what technology you are using. Did you play around with Kotlin Multiplatform? I made a proof of concept app(Nextcloud rss reader) a few weeks ago that shares the business logic for Android and iOS. All native, no javascript…(github) Is this a technology you consider to use in the future? I would love to contribute.

Thank you guys, keep the momentum up!


It would also be good if the apps appear on Fdroid. I understand why they are not there now, Fdroid doesn’t have, as far as I know, the functionality to hide your app until you chose to reveal it. Additionally Fdroid apps point to their source code repo on Fdroid clients.

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So a smartwatch is not in the plans… or it will have to be quite bulky so as to not have name collision with these services. :wink:

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