Librem One mail Server IMAP or POP

I have configured email on Thunderbird and it all works fine thank you.

I just wondered if has a POP mail server and if so, how can I switch from IMAP to POP.


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It doesn’t look as if Thunderbird lets you change an account from IMAP to POP, or vice versa. So

  1. You would have to create a new account within Thunderbird.
  2. Did you try it? The Librem Mail documentation seems contradictory about whether POP is an option, so I would just go for it. If it works, great. If not, comment further here.

I use IMAP in T-bird. But I daily re-file most incoming to local folders. For stuff I need synchronized between devices, I leave it on IMAP.

Thanks Kieran

I know how to create/recreate accounts in Thunderbird, thanks for suggesting.
If I knew the POP setup details, Server Name and port and security settings I would have set up a POP email account. But you are also right I could not see this info in the Librem Mail Documentation., does anyone know? Thanks

Thanks Tracy , I do something similar already. But I prefer POP mail.

T’bird should guess the port pretty well by itself. You always want TLS, and POP3 with implicit TLS is on port 995 by default - which I expect T’bird to default to.

The host is the tricky part. I would try and, if that fails, I would try (they resolve to the same IP address anyway, so the host name only makes a difference from the point of view of getting a valid certificate).

Looking at the Generic setup details, Librem Mail is just using default (completely standard) ports - but unfortunately POP is not listed there - so it leaves you guessing as to whether POP is not supported or POP is just missing from the documentation.