Librem one: No Apps in F-Droid?

Why are the Librem One Apps not in the F-Droid Store?
Are they not full Open Source?



Will you release your apps on F-Droid?
Yes! In the meantime, any app that speaks our open protocols will work.

More about the upstream apps used:


Probably because they require a paid subscription to use?
Such apps don’t make it to F-Droid afaik.

You can use all of them without subscription. Obviously, then you would have to configure a different mail server for example.
Librem.One is just a first class citizen in the app, but it’s all your choice.

What I meant is that those upstream apps already exist in F-Droid, (K-9, Tusky, OpenVPN client, dozens of XMPP clients etc) so there is probably no point in using the Librem fork of them unless you use Or maybe I am missing something.
For now I guess those apps should work with account, although I cannot confirm it since I don’t
plan on using

The main difference, at least for the moment, is convenience when using their service. Yet, there may be subtle differences, like that Riot includes trackers, which Purism partially disabled and will fully remove, in accordance with their policies.


We are working to bring these apps to F-Droid


First apps in F-droid now :slight_smile:


Thank you ! What about Librem Chat ? it would be awesome !

It’s in the works! :slight_smile:


Thank you, personally, I don’t have the Play Store, so I hope people like me will be able to download it soon on F-Droid !

Hello, still no news from Libren chat on F-Droid ? Thank you