Librem One Password Manager: "Librem Passwords?"


Would it make sense for Librem One to eventually include a password manager (perhaps based on the likes of BitWarden)? Maybe it could be called “Librem Passwords?”


I think their goal is to provide alternatives for services such as communication, storage, etc that are owned by big corporations which are tracking you and do shady stuff with your data.

BitWarden/KeePassXC are great open source projects by themself, so even if Librem forked it, it would be just a rebranded version without any actual advantage.


Good points.

That said, I’d still personally prefer to have password management rolled into the one subscription bundle rather than having to get it separately. I’d trust Purism to make the right choice. They’d certainly be better at evaluating BitWarden vs. KeePassXC than I would.

I was paying for LastPass and it’s quite expensive. I didn’t know any better and had used it for years. Only just beginning my awakening to FOSS, am out of my depth and am grateful for any guidance.


We aren’t offering one but I’ll pass the feedback along. In the mean time…

Bitwarden has free cloud syncing, apps for iOS and Android, browser extensions, but also allows for self hosting as well. Has the option of $10/yr for extra features like hosting TOTP codes.

KeePassXC gives you a single database file that you’re in charge of syncing with other devices and has browser extensions. It’s a desktop only app but there are seperate mobile apps that are compatible with the same database file.