Librem one platform questions


I’m a Librem 5 backer, probably still years away from receiving my device, but still thinking that social purpose companies, and specially small/medium size ones, are the best counterpart to BigTech. Therefore, I’m considering purchasing a Librem one account. However, there are a few questions that arise before going ahead:

  1. Does the email service have a webmail platform?
  2. Does it have contacts and calendars integrated?
  3. How easy are these to integrate in current Android phones, and/or any Linux distribution.
  4. Are there email servers in Europe or are they all in the US?
  5. I’d like to migrate all emails from my current inbox to Librem one. What is the size of the mailbox? Is it currently possible to increase it?
  6. How far are services like backups and files to be released? A coalition, or integration, with could be very beneficial for both parties.
  7. Thoughts and reviews from their current users?


I only have a basic account, paid but no mail.
About development, to be blunt, not too much happened since it was launched. There is no thing published about development state. Could be anywhere from vapor to almost alpha. Maybe there’s something in git, didn’t check.
Pretty sure all servers are US based, but that should not be too bad as all non-encrypted mails are deleted after thirty days or so.
I don’t think there’s web mail. I’m not even sure how practical that would be, as you would probably have to load the encryption key into the browser every time.
As all services use standard protocols, you can easily user them on any OS. They have also docs explaining the setup with different apps.


Refer generally to in the section on Librem One for all your questions.

Specifically re size

How much data can I store?
Basic tier users have a 1 GiB storage quota across all services. Complete tier users have a 2 GiB quota. If you exceed your quota, your oldest messages/posts will be deleted, until you are within quota again.


Can I purchase additional storage?
Once Librem Files and Librem Backup are released, you will be able to opt-in to a pay-as-you-go storage plan.

I have no idea whether the above-mentioned services have been released - you would probably want to email and ask - but until those services are released, I would say that the mailbox is fairly limited for storing “all emails” - but I have no idea whether you need 0.5 GB or 5 GB or 50 GB for “all emails”.

Based on your Q6, I am guessing that you have already read the FAQ.

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I have indeed read the faq, and somehow missed the 2GB quota though. I need close to 15GB mailbox.

And because you don’t want

If you exceed your quota, your oldest messages/posts will be deleted, until you are within quota again.

to occur ‘randomly’, you need some headroom over and above what you definitely currently need.

I would suggest tentatively that when and if the Files and Backup services exist, the behaviour might change from “deleting stuff” outside your control to producing an error message. At least I would hope so!


Let me assume that most of your old emails are not encrypted, and you intend to import them.
Thirty days later, all unencrypted mails will be deleted. You don’t need 15GB storage.

Is that for us to say though? If the goal is to have all email available online from anywhere in the world then isn’t this a reasonable approach? (and to ensure that someone else has the hassle of ensuring it is all backed up and protected against hardware failure etc. etc. etc.)

Sure, with 15 GB of unencrypted email, you are placing a fair amount of trust in the company who will host your email.

It may well be that Purism does not currently provide a service that will meet this goal.

That’s what I’m saying. If you import / receive unencrypted mails, they’ll be deleted after 30 days.
Thus, there’s not really a point in having 15GB of storage.

For whom? The user in question appears to think otherwise.

I’m currently using posteo mailbox, so yes, they’re all encrypted.

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Ok. I guess then you’d have to wait for these services to become available or ask support if they can somehow change your quota :man_shrugging:

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I find the comment about minimal development since launching, interesting and disappointing. I (and my friends using it) had no end of trouble with both chat and email to the point of leaving all together. Support was worse than useless as I chased down rabbit holes to no end. I had hoped to revisit it at some point, but maybe not.

My comments were predicated on that i.e. when the service becomes available, the behaviour will change from “deleting stuff randomly” in order to get under quota to “generating an error message” (like “mailbox full”).

It doesn’t seem, as the FAQ is at the moment, that the service exists but the FAQ could be out of date. So the OP really needs to ask Purism.

As a Librem one user, I can’t recommend the email as a main email. Unfortunately, is not a recognized domain for a lot of websites and other email providers. I know I am unable to send emails to friends with an domain.

You’ve asked your friends to complain to their provider? After all, this is clearly bogus validation being done by the recipient’s provider.

However this one provider, the one that you mention, is not the only provider that exhibits this exact problem (hard-coded rules about what is a valid domain so that some of the newer TLDs that are not ccTLDs get rejected).

There have also been times in the past where email has intermittently gone through due to some IP’s being on blacklists, which sometimes they can contest and sometimes Purism, and in turn the customers, just has to wait it out.

Currently 2 of 4 sending IP’s are on blacklists.