Librem One Question

I am wondering if Purism’s Librem One package of applications is usable on their laptop line? I have a Librem 13 on the way. From Purism’s web page it looks like Librem One is geared for the Librem 5. I don’t want to sign up to Librem One and find out some or all of the applications only function on the soon to be released Librem 5.

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You can use it with the Librem laptops.

The documentation is here:


I find it better to think of Librem One as a bundle of services rather than a bundle of applications.

For instance, you get an email address. What client (Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, Geary, etc) you use to connect to that email is up to you. I think Geary will become the default Purism choice in the future, but you are free to do whatever.

For the Matrix chat, again, you register for the service, but can then use Riot, Fractal, or other clients to connect to the service. I think Fractal is Purism’s choice in the long-run, but right now it is lacking many features compared to Riot.

You can connect to their VPN with GNOME’s built-in VPN manager (or whatever other VPN client you feel like).

I’m less certain what their plans are for Librem Social, but for Social, you can always at least access the web interface from a browser.


Fantastic! Thank you for the reply!

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