Librem One Questions

I decided that I am probably going to sign up for the Librem One bundle. Purism’s documentation on their website doesn’t seem to answer some important questions. My biggest reason for not wanting to buy such a low priced product isn’t about the money, it’s more about not wanting to register and give my credit card information. So if I am going to go through all of that, I might as well get the complete bundle.

When you get the Librem One service, is it only a service that you’re paying for, or the right to use the software too?

If I pay $7.99 monthly for the whole bundle, is that for only one device or PC, or is it for my account on an unlimited number of devices (within reason)? If I go with this bundle, I want all of my devices to be able to access my account. One user profile is enough.

@StevenR Great question. With Librem One you are paying for upkeep, not the “right” to use software. All of our software is libre licensed, you can use, modify and share it however you like (in fact, we adopt and adapt freely shared software). You can log in from any compatible system. If you can figure out how to log in from an non-compatible system, let us know!

There are some reasonable limits on usage to prevent abuse, such as spam. With Librem Tunnel there is a limit on the number of simultaneous connections, I think ten (I don’t have that many devices so I’ve never hit the limit). Other than that, we’re keen to see what creative uses you come up with!