Librem One: Recovery email address in use

I have an Purism Shop account because I already ordered something. I wanted to register at Librem One and could not use my mail address because in is already in use.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yeah, I got that too. I wondered afterwards, if you were logged in to the shop would it do the same? Have you emailed them?

I wouldn’t have used a recovery address but it seems it’s become mandatory. Maybe too many people losing their passwords…

Yes the recovery method just asks for the recovery e-mail address and nothing else so it can’t differentiate if you have multiple accounts with the same recovery address. That is why each account, including having multiple Librem One accounts, require a distinct recovery e-mail address.

Enough folks e-mailed in asking to change passwords that we made it a requirement.

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Ha ha yeah I figured :smile:

Thanks for your replay!
I was surprised that my email address was already full, because I didn’t think it was related to my hardware order and the shop account. At first I thought someone mistyped my email address and entered it by mistake.
The separation of Pursim Shop Account and librem one account or no separation at all is still not clear to me. Could I have ordered librem one from my old shop account?

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They are very much separated. You need a Librem One account to use its services and you need a Purism Shop account to purchase hardware.

Nope, that is why when you sign up the first thing you do is log in with your new Librem One address and passphrase. Some folks would log in with their Shop account and it wouldn’t work.

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Same issue here. Did you guys end up having to use a 2nd email account? Or am I just not very observant.

The registration form says my recovery email is in use, but I have not yet registered a account.
Possible causes:

  • The idiot user previously made a librem one account & simply forgot, in which case it would need a way to recover the username (I have no registration emails so this shouln’t be the case, and the recovery form wants a address…)
  • A nasty person or bad speller mistakenly registered an account using my recovery email, which I would hope is not possible without a confirmation email
  • Some bug / miscommunication / horribly obvious user error

Send us an e-mail to with usernames, orders numbers and the info above, we’ll look into it.

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Thanks. I was informed there’s a bug preventing people from using the same recovery email as their shop account. Workaround = use a different email address for Librem One.

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Yeah, I ended up just using another address.

This bug is still active and is very frustrating.

You can change the recovery address after account creation, but it’s still a pain/friction point.

I think I was surprised for the same reason: I understand that the Librem One account and the Purism Shop account are used for two different purposes, but in this case I’m surprised that they can’t use the same recovery email. It means that they are not completely separate.
That’s how I understand Karl’s message, when he says it’s not clear how separate they are.