Librem One shippment "Awaiting shippment"

Is there an outlook available, as to how many days the Librem One “shippment” will take?
I’m a bit confused, as I had expected it to be available immediately after payment. Thank you.

I’ve had a account for a couple years now, it always shows as “awaiting shipment”. I noticed it on my online receipts every month, then when I converted to a yearly payment. I think I mentioned it when I first saw it also.

I think the beancounters that designed’s business system couldn’t think of a category for something that isn’t physically delivered.

So, unless your mail doesn’t work, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Oh and keep an alternate email account (like gmail) somewhere so you can notify when is REALLY down. It sometimes happens early in the morning, in the U.S. It must be a maintenance evolution. They’re friendly and will usually say thanks, especially if you’re the first one to tell them.

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Thank you. In fact I tried and it is also actually not accessible.
Trying to log into my account says “registration pending”. It would help to know, when registration is accomplished - like, getting notified via e-Mail or stuff.

OR, like “not gmail.” :wink:


:grinning: Yeah, I have protonmail :+1: :shushing_face: :wink:

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Depends on your level of paranoia!


Now THAT may be worth a support contact to

I had trouble on my first registration myself. I kept clicking the wrong thing and it sent me down a rabbit hole until I found the correct link. Someone here actually led me in the right direction but I forgot what it was.

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Yes, in fact, I just started a service request …
I don’t even reach the point wherefrom to click any links. Actually, this is what I see … (and yes, I did the billing with success.)

Mine has been this way since April when I first attempted to sign up for it. After 2-3 emails to support and the same registration is broken replies, I moved on since either 1) it’s for the chosen few they trust, 2) it’s a honey pot, or 3) they’re too incompetent to actually run it.

Regardless, #MovingOn.

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I see, thank you for the information.
But I myself am an avid supporter of and believer in Purism and their products and I don’t see not reason for 1), 2) or 3).
Already got answer from support … I guess, it will be fixed within the next few hours.

I guess it is dued to the fact, that I tried the free account first with the same email address …

Well I would love to use it but they never resolved my issue. Did your free account work?

If only paid accounts work, then I’d be happy to try that but I wanted to test drive the services before I paid for them.

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Yes, my free account did work, but I think I know, what my mistake was: I registered the paid account with the same eMail address as the free account right before.
And I got an confirmation email with the free account but not with the paid account.

The form did not complain about the email address already in use though IT DID COMPLAIN when I tried the email address that I use for the Purism store and forum!!! :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

So it seems like the form is kind of picky over “used” email-addresses …

I would guess, that this is the root cause of the problem!!! :point_up: :nerd_face:
I wrote that to Joao from support team and am awaiting his response right now.
I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

Well, you inspired me last night to try again and all i get is the please wait at least 2 minutes before refreshing your browser message over and over. :frowning: Although I was still using the same username/password. Maybe I should try a new one.

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Glad to hear that! :innocent:

Yet another thing that seemed strange to me: I then, out of routine, tried to change my password.

At first registering, there were no particular requirments to the password and the one I chose was rather weak. But then, when clicking on the “change password” link in the email, the form required me to chose for a much stronger password. 15 characters at least.

And I had the same behaviour with another software I have been using for years: All of the blue it let me log in no more with no additional information given. And the support person then told me, that they changed something and now require stronger passwords. :upside_down_face: :crazy_face: :woman_facepalming:

Did you also make a free account at first?

I wrote about my suspicion to Joao and am waiting for the answer right now …

So, just to clarify this was trying the free account. I’d like to at least prove that works before I actually pay for an account. I’ll try again tonight with a different email address and see if I can get past that message.

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Hm, :roll_eyes: I’m not so confident any more over my email theory: I tried anew to make a payed-fore account (canceled that before) with different eMail and got same error as before.

Like I said, I’ve been trying off and on for 6 months now so either it’s incompetence or on purpose.

Instead, I’ve decided to stand up my own services which are really the only trustworthy services.

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So, I finally made it and everything works!
@mladen was of great help.
The point was, that I had to log in for the payment with the newly created account and not with the account I already had (whilst having bought my Librem machines before).

Concerning the free accounts: I would try an email that is not already in use and connected to the shop account in the Purism store.
Good luck!

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That worked! Thanks!

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