social on iOS no follow button


I am so happy this launched, congrats!
I installed Social on iOS(up to date) but cannot find a “follow” button in the app. Am I missing something?
You may also want to add a category here on the forum.
Great job and thanks!

So is going through Safari the way to make it happen? It works, but is that how it is designed?


Hi @Russ already replied in the chatroom but in case anyone in the Forum has a similar doubt:

  • In the Iphone Social app when you tap on the icon of the user you want to follow you have the follow button on the upper right corner of the screen:

  • As for finding other users or topics you can use the search tool

Thank for the suggestion about a new forum category regarding Librem One


Thanks for following up.
The contrast between the background and the icon makes it a but tough to see, but now I know where to look.