Librem One subscription awaiting shipment

I know it’s brand new and facing a couple hiccups, but has anyone else paid for a Librem One subscription and been able to use any of the paid-only apps, like Librem Mail? According to the Purism Store, my subscription was active as of 4 hours ago, but the state is still “awaiting shipment.” Not sure what could be getting shipped. :joy:

This was not an upgrade from free, just paid from the start.

Obviously I’m itchy to dive in. :grin:

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Thanks to the Support channel on Librem Chat, it looks like there is a bug if your password has special characters. If you have the same issue as my original post, try resetting your password to something without special characters and try again.

My order status didn’t change, but I’m able to sign into Librem Mail now.

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