Librem One Suggestions


Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to test out /e/OS on behalf of the e Foundation. I bring this up because one of the great stand out features of /e/ was their e Cloud account. A bundle of services based off of Nextcloud for things like email, files, calendar, photos, contacts, notes and tasks. A service like this is great for anyone wanting to get away from cloud service providers like Apple, Google, or Samsung.

I believe these features would serve Purism and Librem One well if implemented as Librem Files, Librem Contacts, etc. It would also allow users an easier way to ditch cloud services from big tech and move to something open source and privacy respecting.

Another suggestion I have for Librem One is to either partner with Jmp.Chat or create an alternative for Librem Dial/Chatty. JMP gives you a real phone number that is yours for calling and texting, including group and picture messages, that works from all your devices at once. Because it use the Jabber and SIP open protocols, you’re more protected/secure. If Purism then offered a Data only plan through AweSIM, I could see this a great option for those wanting to have as much privacy from their cell provider as possible.

I’ve been using Librem One since the beginning. It’s how I got my Mastodon account started for my website( I just want to see the service continue to improve as I believe in the product and feel it can be doing a lot more.

If anyone from Purism is reading this, Jmp.Chat has already told me they’d be willing to have those discussions of a partnership and I can reach out the e Foundation as well.

Just my two cents,