Librem One Suite: Linux?

Greetings all,

Newbie to Librem/Purism, so forgive my naivety–but is there no Linux download option for Librem One Suite? I was looking to download the software onto my laptop (Linux) and just see Android and IOS download options.

Any thoughts would be great!

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There is no specific “Librem One” application for Linux. I find it better to think of Librem One as being access to services, and how I connect to the services is up to me.

For instance, you get an email address. Whether you use Thunderbird or Geary or any other email client is your choice. You also get a Matrix account. You can use Riot or Fractal or whatever else. You can use your Librem Social account in a browser.

Purism does a lot of working working upstream with GNOME, so most if you want the “Librem One app” on Linux, it would be the default GNOME app. Geary will probably become the default email client, Fractal may be the default Matrix client, and whileI don’t use the Librem Social stuff really, so I know less about that, it looks like there is a program called Tootle that would be a Mastodon client.

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Thank you for that information and suggested programs, taylor-williamc! Greatly appreciated.

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I just posted a comment like this! I’m sorry I didn’t see this one sooner. I agree in that I believe Librem One should have applications available in the Pure OS Store, as not everyone coming to Linux is aware of what those applications are forks of. In that case, I can see someone signing up for the service before getting a Librem 5 or a Librem laptop and being confused/upset when the apps/services they just paid for are not available to them. Just my two cents.


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