Librem phablet / bigger screen

I wish a Librem phone (phablet) with ca. 7" screen…

These are the most common use cases of my phone ( in order of importance):

  1. Internet browser
  2. E-mail
  3. Terminal
  4. GPS navigation
  5. Photo / Camera
  6. Phone calls
  7. SMS messages

So most of the things I do with my phone are easier and more comfortable with a bigger screen.
I would happily pay the price of a Samsung flagship phone (like Galaxy note 10 plus) for a Librem phone with ca. 7" screen.

What do you think?
Do you agree with me?

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I think if making phone calls is your 6th priority for a device, you’re not talking about a phone anymore.

A phone needs to be able to fit in your pocket and fit in your hand, and that large of a screen isn’t well-suited for either.


How does your list priorities look like?

Note that the Librem 5 has a 5.7" screen, so it’s almost 6.
The next thing Purism is likely to work on is an 11" tablet.
If FairPhone can serve as example (sold in the 100,000s), Purism will not anytime soon offer a second phone line.
And if, it’ll likely be a smaller (4"…5") one, as the demand seems much higher.

I for one having same prio list as yourself however I’m happily making it all on Jolla phone (4.5") and would be very glad L5 being of the same size alas…

I think this is how I would prioritize the functions of a cell phone:

  1. Make phone calls
  2. SMS
  3. Internet browsing
  4. Dedicated email app
  5. GPS connectivity
  6. Terminal access
  7. Take pictures

I don’t mean to imply that your priorities are ordered “wrongly,” only that a full tablet might be better suited to that use case. I’ve seen people with phablets and have handled them in stores, and they just seem very unwieldy as a device to carry in your pocket and hold next to your head occasionally.

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Nowadays if I go to a shorter trip I take with me only one device.
Earlier (until 2012-2013) I had always two devices with me: a small notebook or tablet + phone.
It is much more convenient to carry only one (all in one) device than two.
So I have many years of experience carry more devices and I am happy that recently I do not have to do this anymore!

In the last few years I mostly used galaxy note phones, I have now also a rooted note 10 plus.
I think the 6.8" screen size is ideal for mobility and usability. You can hold this size of device in your pocket and according my opinion it does not look unwieldy next my head during a phone call.

By the way 6 of the 7 items on your list is more comfortable with a bigger screen.

Yes I know.
I had tested many phones with screen size between 5.5"-7" and I think there is big difference ergonomically between a 5.7" and a 7" screen.
My phone screen size is now 6.8" and I would not change it to smaller for anything!

I agree, and in any case where I weren’t having to carry around the device I was using, I’d go for a bigger screen too. I’d love to see a Librem 17 laptop in the future. I just don’t want to carry one in my pocket.

7 is ideal tablet size. 4.5 ideal phone size and 11 is ideal laptop size :slight_smile: I had all of those sizes (still have but heavily outdated) and tried other sizes.
P.S. that heavily outdated 7" is actually phablet - first samsung galaxy 3g - can make phone calls, has dialer. I made one call from that monster and felt myself awkward.

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No , Im happy with the size screen they have chosen . A cellphone isnt the only device I own and I dont need it to do everything . I have laptops i dont even use in a pile in the corner . Ps3 for games a tv for movies . my main laptop for everyday driving.

I dont need a full size tablet in my pocket …at all


The old 7" phablets were really awkward but have you hold a note 10+ (6.39 x 3.04 x 0.31 in) in your hand?

Yes sure, I agree. How often and how long are you on the go?
I have to write e-mails, look up things on the web use GPS navigation almost every day on the go.
I prefer not to carry many devices with me to do these things.

sure, as I said I tried many sizes and flavours and ended up with my own formula of ideal state - 4.5 + 7 + 11.
Phones I’ve tried are 4.5, 5, 5.2, 5.5. Tablets I’ve tried are 7, 8, 10, 12 and laptops I’ve tried are 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

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The 5.7" is already a niche market because of the “I have nothing to hide” attitude of the population. It might work if the phone components can simply be swapped out with no issues. BUT seeing as the case is bigger I would want to see it become more computer-like with multiple USBs and an HDMI. That DOES require some sort of minimum order.

personally this list is a about accurate for me with the exception of 6 and 7 being flip flopped. i honestly don’t really care to talk to anyone except my wife on my phone (as pitiful as that may sound). i prefer to communicate via email or text primarily and one of the main reasons is i need physical proof to hold people to do what they say, it’s more difficult to have physical proof with phone calls

I’m with you in this. I wish Librem 5 was actually 5"… But I’m confident that one day we’ll have something like that! :roll_eyes:

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The things that I would do with a mobile phone:

  1. SMS messages.
  2. Phone calls.
    2.5. IMSI catcher and other network anomaly detection (the only reason I have a smartphone).
  3. Map software (with some GPS usage, but I very much prefer to not use it and to preserve my mapreading skills)
  4. Taking photos
  5. Web browsing - but this is very uncommon and only when at home if I need information on a separate device (data is expensive on pay as you go tariffs, I’d be using my home connection as much as possible).

3/5 of those things would benefit from a larger screen… but if I’m doing that, I might as well sit down at my real computer with a real screen and real keyboard/mouse. The purpose of a mobile phone is to be mobile. For me, that’s defined as fitting comfortably in a pocket and that is its core functionality. If it can serve double duty as a tricorder then that’s an added bonus, but it’s a side bonus.

So yes, I’m one of those who would much prefer a smaller phone (Librem 4?). I still don’t regret my preorder (hoping for one of the Chestnut batch), but I would gladly have something smaller.


A phone can be used for SMS text or text notes but for web browsing and other activities with pictures I need at least 24 " (which I have at my desktop). I also have a 10" tablet but it is much too small. I mainly use it in the tractors where a 24" screen is rather difficult to fit in. 10" can be used but only in Notfall (emergency). I do not see anything useful at all with 7" compared to 5.7".

  1. Phone calls
  2. SMS / IM
  3. Camera
  4. Music
  5. Offline maps
  6. Backup / sync
  7. USB storage
  8. Convergence
  9. Pentesting
  10. Web browsing

Web browsing isn’t useful to me on mobile on a day to day basis; it’s too slow and frustrating. The phone needs to function as a phone above all else first before I care about specific features. Mapping and music are a disaster on iPhone and Android I hope Librem will be better. Easy automatic backups are only moderately important because I don’t do much I consider important on my phone due to the security and privacy issues. After that, I’d love for Librem to differentiate itself with some features that make it useful as a productive mobile device.