Librem Power Banks specs

Purism, can you also add the voltage/ampere/watt specs for both input and output, usb-pd protocol support if applicable, and size/weight?

edit: can one replace the cells in the powerbank?


I’ll forward this request to my colleagues in charge of the webshop.

No, and we do not recommend that users try that.

I was about to purchase a power bank with 20k mAh. Somehow, the option disappeared all of a sudden? I get that sometimes downsizing on the offer for the matter of flexibility and simplicity is the greater benefit. The options are still presented on the flexible offer instead of fixed offers. Speaking of options, I was wondering if there can be even higher mAhs? If so, what be the physical size dimension?

Maybe I should wait a little longer for a chance of (bigger and) better power banks. I mean, the Liberty is a somewhat upgraded Librem 5. Surely, the same pattern behavior would follow up for power banks?

Maybe Purism isn’t up to par on the power supply department, I mean, it’s a lot to go on considering software and hardware development.

Instead, I will look at the aftermarkets to help pitch in supply to the demand.
I read that MAXOAK can boost plenty of power with a bit of cost in a larger size dimension, but nothing too serious. It even got laptop charger ports. We’re talking about 50k mAh here. I wish for even more power, maybe even 100k mAh. I want a power supply that could last (probably consistently) for around a week, when recharging is usually convenient for off time schedule. Of course, I also consider on calls schedules as well. However, I could settle for less uptime. I mean, the power consumption is dependent on how often I utilize the equipment. This product could be the model goal for the Librem power banks. Still, its size is definitely larger, even bulkier, than your smartphone size. Inventory management strikes again, ah.