Librem router, with librecmc

Sounds nice, make a librem router with libreCMC GNU/Linux-libre (a fork of OpenWRT), Is also a officialy GNU endorsed distro, Its fully free, without any binary blob because use Linux-libre as kernel.

Have some routers, that support it, especially TP-link ones, also have somes few ThinkPenguin ones with FSF RYF endorsed.


+1 I’d like to see more libre routers / gateways / firewalls. Fanless, low-power, embedded system with multiple Ethernet ports. My RYO router running on a Soekris system is showing its age and its bios, while usable, is definitely not free and less than great.

I would suggest looking at the Turris Omnia if you’re looking for a high end home / small office router that is FOSS friendly.

I think there’s tons of work to do in freeing laptops, so I hope Purism does not lose focus on those challenges.

I’m looking forward to Turris Omnia, but it’s not completely free since the OS is OpenWRT-based.
They said that the hardware is open source and they developed it from scratch. I just don’t get why they didn’t choose LibreCMC.

Sorry for double post - I just found this official statement:
“Are there any firmware binary blobs?
Just for the 5 GHz wifi card. The rest of the board is completely blob free.”
I don’t know if there is any open 802.11ac hardware yet so it’s probably not their fold.

company out of hong kong called makes rather incredible little ‘travel routers’ - cheap, easy, fun.

in fact, probably very complimentary product for customer in market for privacy/security focused laptop. router contains open hardware can tether, bridge, repeat, wisp, firewall, openvpn out of box as openwrt preinstalled.

did i mention they start around $ 20?