Librem server inquiry


I was very much interested in purchasing the base model Librem Server. Are these truly out of stock or should I reach out over email and get the order taken care of that way?



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It is not a good model. See my posts about that. The support only told me to reenable the BMC to have the cooling working. They disabled the BMC for privacy security reasons and that is good!. Did not want to go backward. To solve the problem I had to look on my own for a solution. and buy a fan controller and a new cooling system. I am still waiting for the delivery. I think it is the reason why they say it is out of stock. I think the model nr. 2 a bit more expensive should not have that problem with cooling. But ask them before or get very disapointed on unboxing…

Yeah, that’s definitely not great having to enable something that increases attack surface just to get the fan controlled normally.

I guess you purchased this model: L1UM-1X8C and you think L1UM-2X8C won’t have the same issue?

@joao.azevedo Are you able to get clarification on this?

All three models in the range say “Out of stock” on the Buy page but blog posts (e.g. are finishing with the usual table, which table says of the Librem Servers the apparently self-contradictory “In Stock” but “Notify Me”, which then also appears to contradict the Buy page.

Only ‘maybe’ because the Nr.2 was for some time ago the only one available AND because the dimensions of its box is very different from Nr.1 and 3, i thought Nr 2 has a different motherboard that do not have this problem of depending on the BMC, but maybe also.
If I needed an other one, I would try a DIY :
Follow the coreboot page to choose a motherboard

  • compatible with coreboot/pureboot
  • where you can disable the BMC and the ME of the Intel.
  • with fan control nevertheless possible, or plan an independent cooling system
  • compatible with pureos.
  • well commented from users.

I read good posts about my motherboard itself so I still have hope to get it working.

I am sure purism faced lots of challenges to find three solutions and I grant them for that, but I am still very disappointed not having been able to use it just because of the noise of the fan. And the “passive cooling” of the doc is a joke because after less than 5 min without fan and without any app except the started OS, the temp gets 85°C and I unplugged before worse happens !

I am testing a cooling solution yet after hours/days of looking for one through the motherboard or OS. I should receive tomorrow the dedicated fan normally tomorrow and hope for success.