Librem Server L1UM-1X8C for sale


I am selling a used Librem Server (the small model).

There are some changes versus the default factory setup:

  • Chassis has been replaced with a 2U case: RM-2270 2U Dual Mini-ITX
  • That chassis allowed use of more silent fans than default ones, there are several Noctua used for cooling (80mm NF-A8)
  • PSU has been replaced and uses FSP Flex-ATX PSU: FSP350-57FCB
  • CPU heatsink and fan replaced with Dynatron I2

Condition: used, purchased Aug 2020
Price asked: 900Eur + shipping to your country, I ship in EU only.

Base config:

  • CPU is a Intel Xeon processor D-1541, 8cores 16threads 45W TDP
  • NIC includes 2x 1G copper and 2x10G copper
  • Has working out of band management with dedicated copper NIC, from SuperMicro
  • Pureboot with Purism Librem Key

If you’r interested, feel free to PM me.
If you have additionnal questions on product description, feel free to ask below.