Librem Server v2 with Qubes 4.2

Does anyone have experience using Librem Server v2 with Qubes 4.2? If so, did Qubes install correctly? What is your impression/experience with using this combination and how does it differ from Librem 14 with Qubes 4.2?

Are all Purism products guaranteed to work with Qubes OS?

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No, in particular, the Librem 5 does not meet the hardware requirements for Qubes OS.

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I think you are better off contacting Purism Support directly to ask about the support status of Qubes OS on the Librem Server.

In the meantime, I’ll tag in a couple of forum users who may be able to answer or help get an answer. @jonathon.hall @JCS

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At the very least, Qubes OS is not an option to select as an operating system in the drop down menu when ordering the Librem Server v2, and it is also not an entry on the Hardware Compatibility List, so there is not much evidence suggesting it does support Qubes OS.

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Yes, I noticed that too.

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I installed Qubes 4.2 on mine just now. (I think I tested 4.0 during development, but that was some time ago.)

Using it over IPMI works but isn’t perfect:

  • Needs USB keyboard/mouse, because the IPMI virtual input is provided via USB.
  • Pointer “absolute mode” doesn’t work, movement is ignored. You can switch to “relative mode” which works but is a bit clunky. (Absolute mode works in PureOS.)
  • You can’t raise the IPMI resolution above 1024x768 when no physical VGA display is connected. If you attach a physical display, you can use the modes from that display. (This is the same in PureOS, might be possible to force a mode.)

Otherwise, it works from a basic test. IPMI is intended for server maintenance, not something you use all day every day, so I don’t think those issues are showstopping from that standpoint.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to know about, let me know :slightly_smiling_face:


I had in mind using this as an upgrade from Librem 14 as a high-powered workstation for development. Things like running multiple Windows Qubes at once to simulate an Active Directory environment, compiling large code bases, mass-decompilation/code analysis and other high performance automated tasks.

From what you’re saying, it sounds as if Librem Server v2 isn’t designed to be used as any kind of a workstation even if it does technically work with Qubes 4.2. Am I correct in what I’m interpreting here, and do you have any insight into alternatives that might suit my needs if I was interested in upgrading my workstation environment while keeping Qubes and (ideally) the kinds of privacy features in Purism products?

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Right, Librem Server v2 is mainly intended for server workloads rather than for a workstation. The fans are on the louder side (not as loud as the v1 models though), the only video output is the BMC VGA output (no 2D/3D acceleration, 1x 1920x1080@60 only), there’s no sound, etc. All of those things are geared towards a server.

You’ve probably already checked the Qubes Hardware Compatibility List linked above - I’m afraid there aren’t a lot of choices with open firmware for desktops though.

Heads (upstream for PureBoot) has support for KGPE-D16 (2011-ish chipset IIRC), but I believe it lacks a maintainer. I don’t have any personal experience with it. There’s also Talos II (PPC64, very expensive, but looks pretty nifty) - I don’t have any firsthand experience with that either.

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I guess it may depend on what kind of environment you can set up. That is, you could split execution from presentation - so that those heavy duty tasks are done on a server but ultimately the presentation of any noteworthy results is done on a laptop.

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