Librem Shipping notification

Hey Purism,

I ordered my Librem about 6 days ago and I never got any notification about it being shipped. Since it was coming from inventory I assumed it would be mailed out within a day or two, but I haven’t gotten any further notifications.

I also sent an email to and didn’t hear anything back.

Has it already been shipped, and I just wasn’t notified? Or should I expect it to take a while even though it’s coming from inventory?


It’s supposed to be a week on average.
For me, it was about 10 days.

I know, it’s hard to be patient when awaiting a beautiful piece of harware, but… give 'em some time :wink:


It actually says that they will ship around 5-10 days on the order page.

Remember when it says it is in inventory it really means they have all the parts to assemble your Librem, not that it is just sitting on the shelf.



ohhh, I missed that, thanks!

too excited I guess haha!

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I ordered a Librem 13 on August 19 and it is still listed as “Awaiting Shipping”. After 12 business days I sent an email asking for an update on the shipping date and have yet to hear anything back.

Yeah I’m at 11 days as of this moment myself, but I’m not worried. I want the laptop as soon as possible, but I trust them. Hopefully the sale just has them back logged a little. That would be a good thing.

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They initially did not notice that my cryptocurrency payment had been processed by their partner correctly and that delayed it a few days. I have been waiting over two weeks so far. (August 23rd)

I’ve been emailing them every day because I haven’t heard back from them since Tuesday when they said my laptop should ship soon. I asked for expedited delivery and maybe a complimentary PureOS stick so I can fully encrypt my HD given the circumstances (over 10 days) but no response so far. (I work in customer service and in these sorts of circumstances we always make some sort of “I am sorry” gesture for this sort of situation)

Seeing August 19th awaiting shipping with no updates gives me the actual fear. I completely understand being backlogged but at least some communication and attempt to make things right seems to be in order. Is it normal to be almost a week or more over the ETA?

Gnulligan you originally posted 8 days ago. Are you 14 days without an update still?

Purism has got a lot going on for them at the moment. (This is in no way trying to make excuses for them, maybe just to allay your fears some?) I bought a Librem 13 not because I was in desperately in need of another laptop. I have several. I bought it because I backed the Librem 5 phone, and then started reading more up on the company, and watching interviews, etc. So I bought the 13 because I like the hardware, but also because I wanted to support the company.

The reason I’m not worried is because of how their rep handled my requests. Specifically my shipping method request and in regard to the sale that is going on. I thought the sale only applied to non-TPM models, but it turns out it applies to all sales. I asked if I could have the retroactively applied to my order, and after a couple of days they responded with a yes, and refund the amount. I mentioned that this wasn’t something they had to do, but they did.

Purism is on the line with me for not one but two products. I’m convinced they mean what they are saying, and that they genuinely want to make gadgets better for everyone.

Recently Purism has gained a lot more attention. My guess is that sales have spiked and they are genuinely having a hard time fulfilling orders and meeting demand. When you are already all hands on deck assembling products it can be hard to answer customer response emails. Be patient and I’m sure you’ll either get your shipping notice, or a response from customer support.

Just keep in mind, that Purism is not some mega corporation with tons of people working for them. Patience. If it all goes bad, I’m sure you’ll get your money back. But it wont go bad.


Thanks for this reply 2disbetter. I totally sympathize with being overwhelmed or short-staffed with many orders. They told me as much when I first wrote to their inbox. I have no doubt there are some great people over there answering the emails.

I did need this computer in the 5-10 day shipping window they have on their site. I don’t have multiple laptops. If I had known that they are liable to go over their SLA by a week or more, I would have seriously reconsidered. There are some other options that are cheaper and fulfill my needs without taking this much time.

The issue I have is with meeting timelines and acknowledging the quality of customer support. It sounds like you got a response where some others did not. I know that when they made an error in processing my BTC payment they didn’t even acknowledge they’d done it and that it could have affected my computer’s shipping timeline. All the info I got came from Globee, their BTC payments processor, who couldn’t get through to them.

A realistic, concrete timeline would have been enough for me: resources like an updated timeline for shipping, how to cancel the order, maybe offer free shipping if they wanted to take it to the next level. These are what separate great customer support from “You’re a customer…what did you expect?”

What I got 11 days ago was:
“We’ll ship you your order probably at the beginning of the next week.
We’ll send you a confirmation email with a tracking number once we ship it.”

And then 4 days ago:
“it should be shipped soon. I can see that a serial number has been assigned to your laptop, which means it’s almost prepared.”

Full disclosure, I asked for refund on my computer. It would have been wonderful to grab a Librem, but I have another friend who had a nightmare experience with customer support during the shipping process and seeing others not getting much attention since August 17th is truly troublesome. If the true, public time to ship the computer is 17-20 days and the true time to get the computer is close to 3 weeks then this wouldn’t be an issue because I would not have bought.

Your timeline is the the difference between us for sure. It is a shame it could not be lengthened.

I think the reason I’m so patient as well as what I’ve already wrote, is because what other laptop can you get today, that lets you replace everything on it by design? What other laptop is designed to last like the Librem?

Even if you don’t give a crap about PureOS or FLOSS, the Librem is a great laptop that would run windows just as well as Linux.

Anyway best of luck to you, and I hope sometime in the future it works out for you.

I think a clear difference between us is also the customer support you got seems to have been much better. You got a sweet refund for a discount you could’ve gotten. They seem to have addressed your issue in a timely fashion and were super communicative. I am wondering why this isn’t happening across the board? Is it because you are active on here and they know you?

Perhaps I am also too insistent, I just am passionate about great customer support and owning up to when service does not meet the expectations a company sets for itself. If a company doesn’t offer realistic timelines and excellent support, I do worry about the quality of their products and if they will be there to help me when I need assistance.

Best of luck to you too! Thank you for speaking with me today. You’ve been much more helpful than. their staff has been, and they are lucky to have you as a customer.

I don’t think they know me, per se. I should also mention that I asked them about the discount and 4 days later I got a response. That is a long time, but the point is I did get a response.

I am also more understanding because I like what the company stands for, and hope they are successful. Them getting a foot hold would force other manufacturers to follow along in certain ways.

For example, the fact that cell phone makers have all but given up on user replaceable batteries and added storage is ridiculous. Phones can cost over a grand and they are designed to suck after 18 months.

Another example? Thinkpads. Lenovo has all but flogged that name. Sealed batteries on a thinkpad? Never thought I’d see that day. Chicklet keys (which are not bad, but are not thinkpad keys). The excuse is always so we can make it thinner, but really it is so they make them obsolete faster.

We, the consumer, NEED a company like Purism to do well.

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You are right, that is an extremely compelling argument. It is what brought me to Purism in the first place. I am the guy looking to jump from an insecure and buggy MBP that could die any day now. I would love to have something like the computer I ordered.

I’ll give it a good think, seeing as they take 4 days to respond to email anyway (laughing/crying face). They probably won’t see my cancellation email until October.

My experience and attitude has much in common with 2disbetter. I also requested the back to school discount after the fact, as my order was a day or two prior to its launch. Like 2d, they also generously applied the discount to my order.

I am going to extend a lot more patience and understanding to this company than most because I want them to succeed. The ideas and products offered through this group is much needed in the marketplace and I hope the few extra days of ship time is because they are busy and going through some growing pains.

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A little more than a month ago I asked about when the Librem 11 will be ready to ship and if information concerning the Librem 11 on the forums is more correct than on the main site. I’m still waiting for a response. I also want Purism to succeed, but terrible customer support like what sebaseba and I got is a major roadblock to their success. Give me the information I need and I will volunteer to respond to inquiries. Pay me and I’ll respond even faster.

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In a blatant attempt to play with my emotions (light-hearted joke, all smiles over here) Purism emailed me yesterday when a shipping label was created for my laptop. The catch: FedEx didn’t pick it up until today.

It IS being shipped overnight (complimentary I think, thanks Purism team for the A+ service here) but I am flying out of the country tomorrow so the questions is:

Will the package get here in time?

Stay tuned for the stunning conclusion.

UPDATE: Delivered!


Just got the notification myself. Of note they shipped it USPS priority express which was necessary for me and included express shipping gratis. Shipping USPS was abnormal for them as well, but they did it.

Very pleased and can’t wait to get it and get my FLOSS on.

Still waiting here, too.

Ordered on Aug 22nd. Wrote them on Sep 5th and got email on the 6th about how they’ve had the rush recently and that it was “almost ready to be shipped” and that I’d get a notification when it was.

So, I’m at 24 days and 8 since I was told it’s almost ready.

This has become tricky for me as I’ve had to change my delivery address twice, as of yesterday, due to being permanently traveling and the delay is causing me to now try to arrange my plans/costs/location around not knowing when they’ll ship at this point.

They’re legit just busy, ordered mine on the 24th and it arrived yesterday. Was cutting it close on when I needed to have it by, but all’s well that ends well.