Librem Smart-Watch?

It’s something to think about at least. I don’t want my only option for a smart-watch to be android. Hell, I don’t even know how or if that could/would work.

You don’t have to worry about convergence with a smart-watch, and you don’t have to worry about running apps besides the basics like txt, clock, calls and notifications. I think not having to focus on those things, and already having Phosh more developed if/when they would develop a smart-watch would make it easier to produce.

I know finding open source parts to stuff in the space of a watch isn’t really feasible right now, but that won’t always be the case, especially if Purism succeeds in changing businesses direction towards open-source.

Just something to gnaw on while I wait for Fir. I want cool gadgets and I’m going to justify them dammit.

While it is by no means ready yet, PINE64 have been making good progress with their PineTime. It may be worth keeping an eye on it if you are interested in this space.


Resolution: 240x240 pixels

why specifically this resolution ?
if we are to have square format screen on the watch then (imo) it’s better to stick to powers of 2 (256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024, etc.)

thanks for the link though @ninjin

A power of 2 only divides exactly by a power of 2. For any given n, there is a smallest integer that is divisible exactly by every number in the range 1…n. (240 is not such an integer but it is still helpfully divisible.) Is that a consideration?


Ha, a highly composite number allows for multiple integer scaling factors and I like this idea a lot. Let’s take it from tradition, and choose 360 by 360. It was used for clocks in ancient times and it can still be useful for a watch :slight_smile:


It’s not an open source smartwatch, but at least a way to communicate with an existing smartwatch from a Librem5:

And the software for the Librem5 is open source.
But it still needs optimization and notifications can currently only send by Script/GUI.

It would be great to see a libre USA made smart watch!

Style & function-wise like the Samsung Galaxy Watch, with the spinning dial around the face but, with a couple extra buttons that can be customizable shortcuts.
And, you know, with health tracking that’s trustworthy.

You can’t beat the PineTime’s price at $25, but I wouldn’t want to walk around with an 11mm thick watch on my wrist.

Has anyone actually tried wearing that thing?

Eh, given that I financed and pre-ordered a $2,000 handheld computer that connects to cellular towers, I guess I don’t care about price too much. lol.
Pine64 still uses Asian manufactures and I live in North America. I have concerns with the environment and labour. Plus, it just doesn’t make sense to buy stuff made on the opposite side of the planet.
As for size, I’d like to make a band, or mod the original band, that has spikes and such. :japanese_ogre:

As an European I will probably never get a computer made in europe. So I don’t care where else in the world my computers are produced.

I will definitely buy the PineTime but I won’t wear it often. It’s just too ugly. I wouldn’t mind to spend 10 times the amount of money and even more (around 350 USD is my limit). So Purism please get at work!

the chassis is still made in China and brought for final assembly in the US of A … the modem is of German origin if i’m not mistaken …

Ankermann does final assembly of its PC’s in Germany and the MNT Reform is designed in Germany. Gigaset phones are made in Germany, and the Volla Phone is a rebadged Gigaset GS290, so you can get a Linux phone made in Germany.