Librem Tech Specs

Hi there,

I am looking for the full specs of the librem 13. I am particularly interested in the different SSD disk options (M.2 vs NVMe vs NVMe Pro, …)

I couldn’t find anywhere what disk was used etc. I am also interested in a blog post around the different disk options…


Just found it after digging in the forum!

Anyway the full specs could be published on the website? I mean, for a company that promote transparency, that would make sense :slight_smile:

That’s far from being the full specs.
Things i expect from a tech specs, are disk model, Ram model, available memory slots, battery size, battery adapter connector (8 shape? Mickey mouse shape? …) and many more…

Ohh I see. Hopefully they’ll add this kind of information on their website (not forum). :slight_smile: