Librem Tunnel for Mac?

Reluctant Apple user here…

I note there is a Librem Tunnel iOS app. What about for macOS?

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Well… Doc says TODO :wink:
I’m pretty sure you can use the official app from PIA (as PIA is behind Librem Tunnel).

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You can use OpenVPN ( linux / mac / windows )
However, the login/password is different than for the account.
Didn’t found anything in the doc, but you can retrieve the librem tunnel login/password with a API call:

$ curl -X GET "" \                   
-H "Authorization: Basic "$(echo -n "LIBREMONE_USERNAME:LIBREMONE_PASSWORD" | base64 -w 0)

With what credentials though? I tried my tunnel account credentials (see below) and it’s not working.

An easier way to get those credentials is to visit while logged in to

Unfortunately, after getting the Mac OS client from here, importing certificate.ovpn that I found in the docs and using those credentials, I get

Core exception: connect error: Missing External PKI alias

That’s how far I got today!

Try to use the openvpn config I posted here: