Librem Tunnel problem

Just for information - The reason the password isn’t migrated is because I don’t have Seahorse installed - the Gnome Keyring manager. I believe that it would work without flaws if I did (But I run Xfce to avoid most of Gnome, so… :slight_smile: )

thanks for the info.

I don’t understand just why, using a stable debian distribution with only “main”, to make a simple VPN connection work I should start installing pipx etc.
But couldn’t you make the configuration easier?
I respect the company that is doing a spectacular job and I bought the librem5 but I don’t understand why we can’t use simpler systems to configure simple vpn. That’s why then it is said that linux is for nerds.
kind regards.

I am using a non-standard setup (Xfce) on an operating system that isn’t the supported one (Debian), so I have full understanding in that it might be more complicated than when using standard Gnome and PureOS, and also I believe work is being done to further simplify it.

My biggest problem was not using Gnome Keyring, which everybody using PureOS should be doing.

I understand how much you write; my perplexity stems from the fact that vpn and openvpn were not born yesterday. Why make everything complicated? Maybe I will be able to configure it on the PC, but I am neither a novice nor an expert, and I have difficulties with kde and the required packages. And a new user approaching linux and Librem that he should do ??? I was part of a linux user group and the main difficulty has always been to show a painless migration. This has greatly diminished in recent years but this configuration is complicated.
I hope they make the configuration simpler or, at least, get a guide on the parameters required for the configuration.