Librem tunnel problems?

I admit to not having contacted support about this, but that is intentional as I’m more interested in people’s general experience.

I have given up on Librem Chat because of its flakiness that has been annoying for well over 12 months. All of my group has now migrated to Telegram because it allows multiple devices. So I am in the process of deleting the Librem things I don’t need.

I have Librem tunnel on my mobile, my wife’s mobile and my tablet. I haven’t used it for ages, but it had been operational on all of them. Now I find that on all devices its stopped working with it hanging with “waiting for server reply” on all devices. As I said, these were all working a few months ago.

Anybody else getting this problem? Yeh, I know I can contact support but honestly its painful and I’ve just about had a gutfull of the Librem suite. The only thing currently left standing and operational is one Librem mail account. The other two, mine and a friend has about a 70% operational success so they too are useless. Unfortunately it all got too hard.

I just want some general info about other people’s current experiences here, not a lecture about not posting this here.

And thank you to anybody who may reply.

Found mine stopped working completely a couple months ago. I had to switch to OpenVPN and use the Librem Tunnel credentials and Private Internet Access locations.

In November 2020, there was a change to the servers which I noted and wrote about here: PIA - Decommissioning of Legacy Network