Librem Tunnel question

Is there a setting for the Librem Tunnel that will turn on the vpn when turning on the wifi automatically? It is just this little thing that when you are used to having this always on like on iOS in my case, I don’t think of turning it on manually with the Librem 5.:worried: Thank you.

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Ditto with PureOS on the L14

I want to add a follow up question. By having turned on the network only I cannot switch on the tunnel!
Only when I activate the Wifi switch the tunnel switches on. Being outside my Wifi safety zone it should turn on also for the network?

I think (it’s been a while) you have to set the VPN up for each connection you make (so if you were to visit someone and use their WiFi, you’d have to do it there too).

But what about the network connection? The tunnel should be on for that connection?

Maybe I misread. Are you saying the VPN won’t work for your cellular data connection?

Correct, turning on only my network switch will not allow for the tunnel to be activated.
Thank you!

Correct! Thank you

Solved by Joao.

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What was the solution?

Wrong network setting. Changed the setting and it works.

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It is not resolved yet’
Support told me it was a bug that needs to be addressed in the future?
With a subscription in place the clock is ticking.