Librem tunnel security and privacy

Are there options for connecting to swiss servers? What gives librem an edge on security and privacy that others seem to not have? Any european servers? Multi hop options? There is practically no information for it when I search up on it. Can I have some information please.
edit: yes I’ve visited and it says practically nothing at all.

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I’m not sure that Purism’s goal with their Librem One services are to be a better option than other options. I think it is simply about putting good options together in a convenient package, so that the average Joe could use them to improve their privacy.

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Good question. Where are the servers? How many?

I suggest directing that to

I think the key issue is “trust”. With a VPN (that you do not set up yourself), you have no choice but to trust the operator of the VPN service. There are plenty of VPN service providers but they are not all necessarily equally trustworthy and you aren’t necessarily going to know which ones you should trust. Any VPN service provider can make claims about their service but most likely you have no means of verifying the truth of those claims - and the provider may not have submitted to an independent audit, which is the next best option.

Librem Tunnel is rebranded “Private Internet Access”. You can modify your settings to use any of their servers:

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OK, in that case the answer for “Swiss servers” is: there are 85 of them. You can access via which will presumably give you the IP addresses of a random subset of those 85 servers.