Librem Week#1 Running Applications


Akira which is not gimp but something which tries to go more in a designing and photoshop direction plans to implement libhandy at some time:


Same. The only thing that worries me is that a stylus is being used in all the videos. How easy to use are the keyboard and apps going to be with my sausage digits?


That’s a plus! The display works with a stylus :wink:
But it is must likely used because it looks better than a hand hiding most content.
And as the display is likely not smaller as your current, the size of the keyboard should also not be a concern.


for sausage fingers the best solution is to use HiDpi scaling coupled with smaller fonts in order to compensate…


Super weird all-around.
They are supposed to ship in a month or two and still don’t have a housing prototype?
In the coming weeks, they are supposed to be doing fine OS polishing. Not shopping for hardware and everything.


I think that the reason for him using a stylus is partly of what @Caliga said that it’s easier to see the display so his hand doesn’t cover the camera.

But another reason is also because some of the things shown such as the game OpenTTD is not optimized for touchscreens so the buttons are really small. For the GTK/KDE apps most things should be fine though as those apps can scale automatically depending on resolution and screen size.


You cannot add a “housing prototype” to the dev-board.
I don’t think they’re shopping for hardware. Either the phone prototype has a problem that needs fixing, or they just heavily test it behind the scenes to be 100% certain that it can go into production.

In case they’ll reveal a production prototype in the coming days, I guess you would not assume that it just came with FedEx and then they publish a video the same day.

The OS polishing is, of course, also happening.
They have hardware devs and software devs.
The repo lists 12 updates for the Librem 5 during the last 60 minutes (as of writing).

Sometimes you can even glimpse behind the scenes (video):


I’m curious now, does that mean the phone will come with a stylus? I’m assuming a charger, can I also safely assume headphones? I’d like to think beginning of August we’ll get more information. Shipping possibly beginning of September simply based on the pre-order discount ending July 30 and is entirely speculative.

Maybe they haven’t released more information because they’re also needing to finalize packaging as well. I can’t imagine they’ll just toss it in a bag and ship out a plain box. They’re also doing documentation, videos, and collaborating with the open source community so I’m sure they’re pretty busy. I can’t wait though, it’s going to be awesome having a phone that doesn’t spy on me.


Unless they’ll give us more than promised.


I meant “fine polishing only”. Didn’t say it right.
Instead they are still figuring out final modems , battery size, storage, RAM, cameras, display , etc.
When I say “figuring out” - don’t have any of those components announced.
To be clear, I’m ok with waiting for a complete package and fully functional phone. The issue here is their estimated shipping. It doesn’t make sense. Unless, they really put it all together last minute and ship a 1/4 baked device :slight_smile:
I mean, you need a long thorough testing once all hardware is put together. Especially for basic phone functions and connectivity.
I have a few friends, whom I recommended to pre order and they are still hesitant, because they don’t know what they are getting. You kinda wanna know how compatible is with your carrier, signal strength - reliability, battery life, screen brightness, cameras, exact size of device, BT version, etc.
They are all done w iOS and Android, but no point switching if not meeting their basic needs. And I know that people here think that “it’s not for everyone”. I can agree to an extent, but it’s not advertised as such.
Kinda reminds me of Google’s release of Nexus 6 line.


I agree and I don’t really support how they advertise it. Well, it’s the vision they have, and that’s good.
I can imagine it could soonish be good enough to be used by non-tech-savvy parents, aunts and brothers. But they’d still need us to not feel overwhelmed. OTOH, they also need us for Android, right? :wink:

They already said they will soon announce the missing details. Either they wait for the (in their opinion) perfect marketing opportunity, or there is that one detail (e.g. no final confirmation by a supplier) that holds them back. We’ll soon know.

I wouldn’t worry about that just right now.
You have 25 more days to wait for substantial updates so your friends can decide before the sale ends.


@Caliga Holy, that lockscreen looks sooo good!!!