Librem Week#1 Running Applications

Dude, I have no words. This looks so freaking sick! I seriously cannot wait for the phone to arrive omgaad! Especially excited because of the dark theme seen on Day5. That actually looks so nice and happy everything is going well with the development! You guys sure have been working hard I can tell!

But seriously tho, that keyboard needs to be changed to an Android layout or iOS before launch :stuck_out_tongue:


good catch - i’d wager this will once again be troll-feeding-material. oh well …

Reason and logic can’t combat with them.

they can … when it’s too late !

Very impressive, super dumb question here but when I saw xournal run finger in the nose I wanted to know if atm we could run GIMP and/or Krita? I know that both of them are pretty heavy so I don’t expect the L5 to do wonders but if it did I would be quite shocked (in a good way of course).

There’s no reason why they won’t work. Of course, not much fun on the tiny screen, but that’s what the external is for :sunglasses:


you mean to use them as a small wacom touch tablet but portable ?

just using your finger or stylus to draw simple 2d strokes is easy enough to code and optimise but having a nice 3d stroke implementation such as what wacom is using requires years of RND. they have a minimum of 1024 sensitivity level combined with advanced 3d stroke-sensing motions for their pro pens. also the feel of using the classic wacom tablet with no screen or just touch is very much like the feeling you get from pores on real paper (at least on their new models). that’s why i don’t use the modern draw-on-screen directly wacoms because they don’t provide real friction.

also beeing limited to 8 bit iLUT on the open-source driver implementations of gpus VCGT (video card gama table) means severe color-banding in non-properly color-managed applications even if the display-panel is properly color-calibrated/profiled.

let’s not get too carried away and just enjoy this for what it is … a handy note-taking app with touch/stylus support for simple 2d/strokes. if it get’s enough love it can be used for black-n-white simple hand-drawn sketches or really awesome Van Gogh style painting at low resolution :stuck_out_tongue:

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Both GIMP and Krita run on the devkit quite well :astonished:

In desktop mode :smirk:

Please don’t hit me…


Well yes and no, more like a middle ground, something to be able to do some fast doodles but with a large choice of colors and if it can do basic photo editing (cropping, changing some colors, a bit of manual image enhancing …) that would be wonderful.
For more detailed drawings I think I’ll buy a Librem 11 when it will come out.

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Wow that amazing :heart_eyes::clap:

Well that a good start, knowing the GNU/Linux community I pretty sure that someday someone will figure out to make them work in mobile mode. :+1:

I hate violence, I only hug people if they wish to. :smile: (but if they prefer I can give them virtual high fives :handshake: )


I hope bluetooth works… I hate doing terminal stuff with phone keyboard. In fact, I hate typing in general on a phone keyboard. Need a paired keyboard.

Also, what about the core apps/functionality? I’d like to see how those work tbh (phone, messaging, settings/preferences, home screens, GPS, phone navigation through screens/menus, etc).

I guess those just aren’t ready yet to be shown?

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I think for some of them they want to do more polishing before showing.
GPS app, I think some staffer said, might not be ready at launch.
Settings: HackersGame (see very bottom of timeline) shows both, Gnome and KDE Plasma settings in one of his videos.

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Well you still can use the good old USB. :wink: (+ you use less power)

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The main requirement is to have enough RAM for the images you are loading into it. 1GB or more is luxury compared to some of the older hardware I remember running it on!

I don’t use GIMP much, does the software have auto filtering/enriching features? Maybe to automatically brighten or make pictures look better? If so this could be a great thing to post process pictures taken with the camera.

I haven’t used GIMP much myself as it is a little more involved than what I’ve needed in the past. Since it doesn’t have a mobile UI at this time, something else will be needed to edit photos directly on the Librem 5. If none of the upstream apps we’re bringing along will do then I’m sure someone in the community will make it happen.


Apparently I am the only one disappointed by these videos. All they are showing is already existing software working on a smaller screen size. But that’s not really news to people familiar with gnome. I really hope they step up their game and show us what THEY worked on. I also don’t understand why they are using a Dev Kit for these videos and not a Librem 5. Considering they are planning to start shipping soon I assume the phones are already assembled.

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Well, some of your assumptions are wrong.

Yes, some apps are unmodified, and it’s great that they still work fine.
Some have been adapted (by Purism) with libhandy (by Purism) to work on that screen size.
It’s the best approach to adapt existing software, and from the beginning that’s what they said they’d do.
Also, I’m pretty sure some of the more interesting apps have yet to be revealed.
Why would they start with the cream of the crop?

Another point: We have seen Week #1. Week #2 continues (Twitter, Mastodon Social, or here in the timeline)
And I consider the possibility that they intend to continue this for some more weeks, maybe until the end of July, when the sale will end. That could be 28, 35 or even 42 (which would be prefect :wink:) apps / videos, which is pretty awesome.

I don’t think Purism will receive the final phones before August, I rather assume September.
What they might have by now is a production sample that they test before giving the final go.
And if that is the case, I guess we’ll see it in the coming days :grinning:


If the phones had already been completed, they would already be sent. But it does not bother me. This phone develops from scratch with its software a small team of developers. This is a tremendous job. It’s not something to make a cup of coffee. And so, I respect this team for what they do and trust them. I do not ask “Where is my phone?” I just wish them success.


If you look here, there are a few older videos, including one of Todd Weaver getting a call using the dev kit.

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