Librem13 Touchpad unresponsive on table or battery

Hi all,

I just received, to much anticipation, a Librem 13 today! Along with all the good, one issue that I have come across regards the touchpad functionality. I noticed initially that it worked fine, but occasionally became erratic (i.e., non-responsive, or responsive only in random spurts of pressure applied to certain parts of the touchpad, unpredictably). I’ve since found that it seems to become erratic/unresponsive, much of the time, when it is BOTH: sitting on a table that I use to work on (which is just, essentially, a foldout card table), AND it is running on battery (i.e., power adapter unplugged).

Conversely, I can also say that:
If I have it on the table with the AC plugged in, it seems to work thus far. Similarly, if I have it only on batter on my lap, it also seems to work.

The erratic/non-functional touchpad- under the above circumstances- does not occur 100% of the time, but seems to frequently.

I have also been testing it when it acts up, and it quite literally will switch it’s functioning immediately (e.g., if I set it on the table with AC in works fine. I then unplug, it fails to work. Then, after plugging back it, works fine. And so on). I can even just keep it only on battery and simply tip it diagonally on the table, such that it works when tilted (little contact with table), but does not function when sitting completely on the surface. Thus, it seems to be clearly some sort of issue between the power supply, the touchpad, and/or the surface.

I would appreciate any advice on both what the issue is, and how to proceed to regain full functionality. Much appreciated!

I have a problem with the touchpad, too. My touchpad is unstable on the glass table. When working on a glass table, you have to put more pressure on the touchpad or put your hands on the laptop case to achieve stability. synaptics driver dampens instability when using one finger, but when scrolling with two fingers can not cope. At this time, everything is fine on a wooden table.
I found a manual to fix the touchpad instability, which advised to improve the connection between touchpad ground and general ground in scheme. ( But in my case, the connection is already fine, so, I do not know how to improve stability in such conditions. I also noticed that the stability improves if the laptop stands on a glass table for a long time. Stability does not depend on whether the device is charging or not.