Librem13v2 vs. Librem13v3

Is there such a thing as a Version 3 Librem 13? I just received my Librem13 laptop on December 11, 2018. What I received was a laptop that says Version 2 on the bottom.

Did I get an older model? I hear many people talk about version 3 Librem13 laptops in this forum so I am thinking I got an older model.

Can anyone verify there is such a thing as a hardware version 3? Can anyone describe the differences to me if so?



L13v2 -> TPM chip soldered on board, kill-switches in the hinge cover
L13v3 -> TPM chip inbuilt, kill-switches on the side

Everything else is the same. Contact me @support so we can determine if you got what you have ordered.

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The one I received has switches on the side but says Version 2 on the bottom. That conflicts with what you listed.

I have contacted support.


What he said is correct. They just used a bottom shell that still have v2 stamped on it.

Mine for example says v3 on the bottom but I have switches in the hinge. Go figure! (although I ordered a v3.)

This appears to be an indicator of overall quality control… Putting random parts on scares me!

I will see how support responds.

I can see why you might feel that way. I know when I first read about it I kind of felt the same way. However as mladen pointed out concerning the differences and how they are aesthetic in nature I got past it. Both the v2 and v3 function the exact same in every way and reason you most likely bought the laptop for.

The reason why I have not pushed the issue is I see what a huge vacuum Purism is trying to fill. Try to find a laptop today that is by design meant to be user serviceable is getting close to impossible. Even thinkpads have built in batteries now. I want them to succeed more than anything so that this trend of making everything have an 18 month life span can end. But I want this trend to pickup everywhere, especially in the smartphone arena.

Obviously if the switched being on the side is a big deal to you, this might not matter. I personally like them on the hinge because I can’t accidentally turn one on or off when taking it in and out of a bag.

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I do not see your email. What address did you send it to?

Goran Stevanovic has responded to me. I sent him some pictures of what I received and again waiting on his response.