Librem13v4 boot without plymouth installed

As I described a while ago I had problems booting my Librem13v4 after a kernel update and found out that it wouldn’t start with an initramfs generated without plymouth installed.

I deinstalled plymouth, because I had to wait for some “writing plymouth runtime data”-like messages during startup, looked up what plymouth does and decided that I didn’t need it, because I prefer viewing the boot ascii messages during boot up and don’t like graphical splash screens.

Today I nearly de-installed plymouth again (for the same reason :slight_smile: ), but remembered just in time my problems from a few month ago. I thought I’d need to file a bug and already started to write an issue for coreboot, when the thought came up that I don’t know whether coreboot is the correct place, because I don’t know how a Librem13v4 with only coreboot or with original BIOS behaves compared to my coreboot+heads.

So here comes the question to all the Librem13v4 users:

If you deinstall plymouth, build a new initramfs for your kernel (please keep the original initramfs for the older kernel that usually is installed also - it might be your only way back) and then reboot, does your system still come up? Do you use the original bios, coreboot or coreboot+heads?