Librem13v4 with widescreen monitor

I Have a monitor with the 21/9 format (3440 x 1440 pixels), but my Librem 13v4 is not able to exploit it. Is the graphic chipset not able to dot it, or is it just a question of driver ?

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What frame rate?

It could be OK at 24 Hz.

I’m pretty sure that the graphics are integrated (HD 620 with i7-7500U CPU).

I have a much older, lower spec CPU that happily does 4K UHD (3840x2160) but only at 30 Hz.

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Whatever the framerate, it never shows a higher resolution than 1980x1024.

But I forgot to mention that I’m under Debian, not Pure OS

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Try booting PureOS with a Live USB. I am curious to see the outcome.

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Are you using wayland? If so, I suggest you review Gnome Wayland limited to 1080p

Using the various EDID programs could be useful anyway to see what resolutions the display is offering.

Hi, no I’m not using wayland, but it was a good idea about the origin of the limitation