Librem14 boots to console after full-upgrade

I’m setting up a brand new Librem14. I did apt update, apt upgrade, and apt full upgrade and rebooted and it boots to the console on tty1. How best to fix this?

Not much to go on. Login on the console and examine system logging to see why the GUI is not coming up?

Or restore from backup? (But in this case if it’s truly brand new, you could just reinstall from scratch.)

I probably wouldn’t have done apt full-upgrade

Try sudo gdm when it boots to tty and see what it does (I assume you’re using gnome).

From ‘sudo gdm’ I get:

sudo: gdm: command not found

The system is 100% brand new so not concerned about data loss but was hoping to have it up and running quickly. If I have to reinstall I’ll just switch to Qubes. What could have happened? I’m not familiar with Debian, etc.

Gdm is the gnome desktop manager. It looks like you somehow lost yours (or you never had it because you’re using KDE. Is this the case?). You can try sudo apt install gdm but its very odd that it isn’t there already (all under the assumption that you’re using gnome and not KDE).

Which command will start kde? I don’t think I was given a choice between them at system setup.

Looks like sddm.

command not found from sddm unfortunately.

Sounds like you lost your display manager. Ascertain whether you had gnome or KDE before and then try installing the relevant display manager. If that doesn’t work, and its a new install (I think you said) then I would just reinstall.

Yes that would be the next thing to try but really, given that we don’t know what else is borked, it will be cleaner and safer to reinstall from scratch given that this is brand new anyway.

Maybe it was there but it has been removed by full-upgrade

When doing upgrades that remove stuff, I usually pay close attention to what is being removed, even saving a copy of the list to a file.