Librem14 - PureOS - alt-button ('right click') trackpad doesn't seem to work


I purchased a Librem14, after owning a Librem15v2 for many years. So far, things are shaping up well. Purism helped me understand the requirements for installing an alternate OS on second boot media and that worked well (I installed Ubuntu 22.04 on the 2nd NVMe).

I notice that in the shipped PureOS, the alt-click trackpad button does not work. I’ve fiddled with the mouse-settings in the OS but can’t get it to recognize either of the lower-right/left trackpad clicks as alternate.

Interestingly, in Ubuntu, the alt-click just worked out of the box with no tweeking.

Is there something I need to do in PureOS for the OS to recognize either of the lower-corner trackpad clicks as a ‘right click’ (bringing up context menus)?

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You can change the mouse behavior using GNOME Tweaks on PureOS 10.3 ‘Byzantium’.

To add to that, I think the default is to treat a two-finger click as a right click, so if you have two fingers on the trackpad when clicking (regardless of where you click), it should register as a right click.

But I hate this, and using GNOME Tweaks to change it to a right click is always one of the first things I do when setting up a new system


That did it. Thank you.

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Great, mark my post as a solution.