Librem5 compatible with PureOS from PC?

hey all.
will the Librem5 PureOS be compatible with PureOS i would use from the PC?:relaxed:

as compatible as linux laptop with linux desktop.

so this means yes but be prepared to have some issues to solve due drivers?:brain:

What kind of compatibility are you looking for? they use different architectures, ARM64 the librem5 and AMDx86_64 the laptop version, if the software it’s ported to this architecture you should be able to install it.

no, not drivers but different way of thinking. The L5 is not a phone gadget which you need to sync with pc. it is a pc in the phone form-factor. you dont need drivers to connect to it, you simply need to know how to connect to linux pc. you dont’t need special software to upload music - jusr rsync it to it. Same for photos - just mount the phone as virtual fs via sftp. or just connect both pc an d phone to your own nextcloud instance to share the content.