Librem5 EU Evergreen for sale

I got my Librem5 the other day, but since my amount of free time is a lot less now than when I ordered it I realize that I will not have the time to play with it or develop for it. It is completely unused and in all the original packaging.

Is there anyone here that would like to buy it from me for exactly what I have paid for it. 775 Euro is what the import fees plus the price adds up to. I’ll sell it for that plus shipping.

The modem is BM818-E1 (Europe)

Hi, I’d be willing to lift it off your shoulders. Just PM me about how to proceed.


So a new batch of L5 is out as expected in October!

Several have been reported here and on Reddit lately.

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For the statistics, what was the order date of this device?

I see more and more people are selling their L5s because they expected it to be a viable replacement for Android or iOS but as soon as they find out that this phone requires lot of tinkering to make it usable they quickly give up and sell it.

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I‘ve paied October 7 2017 in the backer campaine the USD 599, which are more or less €490, plus some days ago €113 VAT and DHL handling fee, which sum up to €603. Just to mention it here.

I will never, never compare my L5 with any device locked,obsolete sold by Apple, Android. L5 is under development and will work amazing on some point soon. Some peoples claim why the L5 is too heavy, but they don’t know that it’s for safety, privacy, freedom, killswithes, and there is no other way to all of this without compromising the weight.


I don’t think that is inherent. It’s a “Generation 1”-device with a SoC built for the automotive area. There will surely be ways to improve that. Yes, changeable modems require space but with smaller semiconductor scales it will be easier to mess around with heat which allows other designs as well.