Librem5 gnome or kde?

I would like to know if there is a reason why, by reading the development pages, the librem5 interface has several pages for gnome and there is nothing with kde. if I remember correctly there was collaboration with the kde team and it seemed that the librem5 was born with kde. what happened that I do not know?
Always if I remember correctly it seemed you could install alternatively kde or gnome: is there any news?


I think the answer is that Purism actually dedicates manpower in addition to money for developing GNOME, and GNOME is the primary focus. Purism partnered with KDE, and supports KDE developers, but I don’t think Purism employees develop for KDE.

I could be totally wrong, but I think it’s up to KDE folks to provide the documentation for their work.


Thanks for the reply. what you say is true, I had not thought about it.
I was hoping to have kde on the librem5


Plasma Mobile is definitely still part of the Librem 5 plan, just with less direct support from Purism I think. My understanding is that Purism is providing the resources to the KDE team for them to develop Plasma Mobile for the Librem 5.

Similarly, the partnership with UBPorts should allow Ubuntu Touch to work pretty well on the Librem 5.

They just might not be the focus out-of-the-box


I think, in Europe KDE/Plasma has a better Standing the Gnome. As Purism is a USAmerican-Enterprise.they are using Gnome, unfortunately

how do you come to that conclusion? i dont see that clear tedency.

Me neither, but there could be some historical truth to that. About 20 years ago I installed my first Linux, probably a SUSE 5.x, featuring KDE. Possibly the first distro that defaulted (?) to KDE.
(memory is dim and Google also did not reveal direct support)

Well, what can I say? I didn’t stick with SUSE, but never really used anything other than KDE. KDE and SUSE have their origins in Germany, Qt in Norway. In 1997, SUSE becomes Europe’s leading Linux distribution. It seems quite possible that KDE has a few more fans in Europe, but I guess that still means like 1.5% of users :wink:

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indeed suse was my first thought on that KDE topic. i’m more a gtk guy while i dont like where gnome is going (while still better than kde).

in fact my biggest concern is having the idea of a “desktop” on a phone, i dont like that idea in the first place and it doesnt fit at all on a phone. the images currently for download dont look like a masterpiece of innovation, lets see what comes out of it. first of all taking & issuing phone calls would be a huge step forward compared to the last try of the open community (remember openmoko?). :slight_smile:


GNOME is kinda a good compromise between touch and desktop friendly , KDE is more desktop oriented … for now

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Why IS Gnome better than KDE? Obviously you LIKE Gnome better, which is ok, that does not mean that it is better.

No, what @reC is saying is that the default Gnome Desktop is much closer to a mobile, touch oriented UI than a default Plasma desktop. Which is exactly why I prefer Plasma on the desktop, because it feels like a “classic” desktop.
On the other hand, reC has probably never seen this 3-and-a-half-year old prototype of Plasma Mobile and therefore thinks that KDE is desktop oriented. There is nothing desktop-y about Plasma Mobile.
Here’s a more recent one (strangely, I like the UI in the old one better, at least some parts looked more polished).


All that @taylor-williamc is saying is correct. Except maybe

Some of us are part of the KDE project outside of Purism :slight_smile:

As for the Librem 5, we still care that KDE works well on it, and we care that non-GTK apps can be used. As for the former, this means we’re eager to help with interoperability issues, like making sure that Qt applications benefit from my input method work. As for the latter, we’re still figuring out the guidelines for developers to make applications feel native regardless of toolkit.


first of all taking & issuing phone calls would be a huge step forward compared to the last try of the open community (remember openmoko?). :slight_smile:

Hah! I could receive and make calls with my Openmoko GTA02 and later with the GTA04 as well (but I don’t remember if I used SHR or QtMoko back then with the latter) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

when was the last time kde had a million dollar donation for development ? just sayin’ - redhat the company behind Fedora chose the GNOME desktop both CentOS (server and workstation) and Fedora (general desktop). there is GNOME classic for desktop orriented scenarios and vanilla GNOME that purism ships on it’s laptop devices.

can KDE with plasma not be a good enough choice for mobile devices ? it can possibly be better depending of your experience and familiarity with the OS. you want the best out-of-the-box experience ? stick with GNOME - THE commercial company behind LINUX said so.

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