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I send a question.
I use stable debian with gnome and with qemu I start the Librem5 image. I normally use it as a Galculator calculator as it has the memory function, which does not have a gnome-calculator.
In debian apt remove gnome-calculator … all ok.
In Librem5 apt remove gnome-calculator it appears that Librem5-gnome must also be removed. I also removed Librem5-gnome but … is this normal?

You would have to look at the package dependencies. If librem5-gnome depends on gnome-calculator then it will get removed, though it shouldn’t cause any other apps to be removed. That would be a bug. I think librem5-gnome is a meta-package that is just a convenient way to request a standard, default set of apps.

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if you start “hacking” away pieces of GNOME bloat then chances are you are creating you own GNU/Linux distribution …
so what is it called ?
“antpan GNU/Linux”


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